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  1. Personally, I would never date someone who’s been consuming cocaine.

  2. The stability of their relationships. You’ll notice the people with the shittiest relationships will always be posting pictures and lovey shit on social media.

  3. In general, happiness and fulfillment is in reverse proportion with the activity on the social media. Also, I started to pay attention to my mood when I post too often on social media - in most cases it is the manifestation of either issues in relationship or dissatisfaction.

  4. Pictures of them giving the middle finger. Makes me think they’re just an immature asshole

  5. I haven’t used dating app for a long time. Reading the answers, I recalled there was something that totally killed the attraction. It was a middle finger.

  6. I work remotely. When I work in front of the PC, my timer is running, otherwise is stopped.

  7. What terms did you agree to as a part of checking the data and trying to find a solution?

  8. We didn’t agree any terms; initially I said I was going to evaluate the difficulty of the problem and provide them the time estimates (the price would depend on time required to develop a solution), but it turned out the solution was not that difficult (for me) although they spent about a year trying to solve the problem.

  9. You played yourself by giving them their deliverable before getting terms set up. If this took a year of multiple people trying to fix it and they couldn’t, you just saved them a whole lot of money. How long it took you isn’t as relevant as the value you just provided, probably tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. But now you don’t have any leverage. You can send them an invoice and they can laugh at it.

  10. I still haven’t delivered them the solution, just presented the performance metrics.

  11. Congratulations! Have you tried to deploy it to the mobile phone? I guess many people would download it.

  12. Over 20 years ago, I visited my grandma. I checked the browser history on home computer and I noticed that someone was browsing gay forums. My uncle was also visiting her so I knew it was him. I never told anyone. My grandma hoped that her youngest son would have a family someday. He moved to another city, away from the family and conservative community and I believed the main reason was to keep the secret. My grandma passed away 3 years ago. I wonder if she ever suspected anything and how would she as a deeply religious mom accept the fact. My girlfriend told me after 10 minutes of conversation with him that he’s not interested in women so I guess even without me telling anyone the family possibly knew.

  13. “Award those who turn wild coast in usable beach” originates in a mindset which is the cause of how bad nature is doing

  14. The example might not be a good illustration of the point I wanted to make. Certainly it is not beneficial for the humanity to replace the nature with concrete. There is, however some effort necessary to turn chaos into order for the society to function beyond the complexity of hunter-gatherers an the effort should be incentivized.

  15. Not long ago, people in this community used reasoning. Now it looks like the emotions, especially hate overshadowed reasoning. At the top, FatMan, an attention seeker, gained traction and the community became self-destructive.

  16. Congratulations! You should inspire those who take age as an excuse to no longer keep their bodies in shape. I’m 39M and have trained crossfit. About a year ago, the coach significantly decreased the intensity of the workouts saying that at this age we could get injuries. I left the gym and train solo now, trying to keep the standards. You definitely inspired me as I was wondering if I’m too crazy not to listen to the coach 😉 Your body looks absolutely amazing. A perfect proportions for a woman to be fit and gorgeous at the same time.

  17. If you’re a decision maker, the errors might not be visible instantly but the consequences might be grave. If a CxO makes a wrong decision, it won’t result in instant death of a single person but many people might loose the job and the course of lifes of their families might be impacted. So the impact of invisible fuck-ups is more far-reaching.

  18. Look at vegetation indices (NDVI, NDRE, etc). Those are some of the most strongly correlated features to yield in most grain crops. Search google scholar for “machine learning yield prediction ” to find lots of papers about different approaches to this. Good luck!

  19. Thanks, I actually have NDVI from various images from various growth stages and came across articles about yield prediction based on NDVI. The NDVI values significantly vary throughout growth stages. I’ll dive deeper to check for possible errors that might prevent the model from achieving better results.

  20. Also ensure the data is calibrated. NDVI is notoriously unstable if uncalibrated, and also is not the best index to use for higher resolution imagery

  21. Thanks for help! I have shared the NDVI-based model results and data description

  22. Founding own company/business is a goal of mine as well and I think I won’t be able to settle down without achieving this goal. So far I have had many ideas but always ran out of time to complete them to a point to be ready for a launch. Usually there is a lot of effort between the prototype and a product. I have woken up earlier every day to read scientific papers, watched a number of courses and have been constantly looking around for a possible profitable niche. Recently, I have changed my strategy though. Instead of working on everything by myself, I have been aggressively investing/puting the money aside in order to build a runway for the future idea. I came to conclusion that I have to prepare the circumstances to survive without getting paid for 2 years in order to bring the idea to life. Having worked for a number of startups, I want to make it without VC; it is true that venture money is a rocketfuel but once you accept it, you’re no longer independent. You are welcome to DM me. I would be glad to share my experiences and discuss.

  23. Honestly, how many of those that are now calling Luna 2.0 a scam, saying that Do Kwon is a serial scammer, have done any research and have not praised LUNA before the crash?

  24. Trippy reading these old luna posts. It's like seeing a broken down storefront in a ghost mall. People with hopes and dreams used to occupy these spaces and now it's empty.

  25. 60k. If UST regains the peg, I am going to accumulate much more $LUNA that it would be possible without the collapse and on the long run I will build greater wealth. At the prices before the collapse it would be hard for me to accumulate 100000 $LUNAs. Now, if the UST regains its peg, this will be my new goal.

  26. I'm divorced. Since the breakup, I have dated a number of women and based on my past experiences, I pay more attention to potential disagreements that might tear us apart. Anyway, I'll describe the good and the bad times.

  27. Which mAsset have you borrowed with 150% collateral? Are you sure you didn't get liquidated?

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