1. pistol is the best secondary lol i mean auto pistol is a close second for those who cant click fast but yeah no good player uses deagle(if not pistol or auto pistol they use alien blaster)

  2. Techy-9 supremacy, and despite your all lunar secondaries I will die on this hill !

  3. howd you get a game thats worse 💀

  4. you dont even have to nuke, plus you have 2-3 full 4 minute rounds, against players in bronze lobbies too. thats an average of 2.5 kills a minute at its hardest, against people of a similar skill level to you.

  5. I'm just unlucky so I kept dying while hunting jellyfish with my sarco

  6. Why don't you tame a basilosaur to farm bio toxin, they're immune to jellyfish stings

  7. It has to be in 1 round to be valid, you probably got some of the kills in a separate round which meant you couldn't call it in

  8. I was literally holding 50k from chocolate and carrots, the golden egg chances were so bad I just decided to farm collectibles instead, would have been nice to get some kr from those but instead I am the proud owner of the first sussy body carrot or whatever its called...

  9. By all means, please explain. If there’s a more generous interpretation, I’d love to believe that one instead.

  10. he has DID, if he cannot remember asking his co-worker out on the date, then its pretty likely that the same personality who asked her out is the vegan personality, or whichever personality the person who mentioned vegasism knows is vegan

  11. Kb staff and krunker staff are not the same thing, kb moderator is likely only a discord moderator and has nothing to do with the actual game itself 👍

  12. I'm built up to the left of the redwoods, around 58 Latitude, 26 longitude. You can use volcano for resources, big forest nearby, rocks down by the swamp. You're gonna need some water pipes up the cliff though, but I just took over the entire cliff using 30 or so behemoth Gates and too many spike walls to count, you can find a flat enough area for a 10x15 up there, not sure you can find a base spot more centered unless you decide to build in a more dangerous area.

  13. man i love rocket league garage (contrary to my name, this is not something i made up)

  14. I may be wrong but I believe if you jump up and down against it to look inside, that door is connected to a corridor.

  15. i have actually done this, and it does not go to a corridor but it does lead to something very interesting and links to the recent hedge base update, but think more extreme. Not giving anything away story wise though haha

  16. I know which one you mean, it's the haze lab that just leads to a corridor.

  17. It was a bit more than a corridor last time I checked, fairly sure its the same door

  18. I have only ever seen one wolf spider in that area ever, and it was killed by me and a friend on night one. I'm fairly certain they can respawn though, so i'm not too sure where this one came from to be honest.

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