1. Some of pieces like this would have translucent glazes, or a mix of translucent and opaque paints, using many layers of different paints, giving the pieces much more dimension and presence than they seem to bring as flat images on the screen. this is probably what another commenter is referring to when they say the depth of the piece has to be seen to be appreciated.

  2. Carly Rae Jepsen - no thinking over the weekend, sideways, Now I don’t hate california after all, Feels Right

  3. Carly Rae Jepsen - fake Mona Lisa, talking to yourself, so nice, this is what they say, shooting star, body language, first time, hurt so good, turn me on, boy problems

  4. I already searched for ‘glasses with roses’, ‘drinking glass with small roses’, and ‘glass drinking cups with roses’. Thanks for any help!

  5. Wasn’t AG the one who mentioned that Caroline likes to get in the booth and start screaming sometimes? And he just has to work around that? Lol I love how she brought that energy into Welcome To My Island. The intro had me hooked asap.

  6. Yes, he was talking about the song Tears on Pop2, which… yes has a lot of Caroline wailing.

  7. Not Apple Music denying me entrance to Miss Polachek's island

  8. It was difficult because of the Charli XCX album that also came out this year, but my Carly songs are The Loneliest Time at 4 and Western Wind at 5.

  9. Positive meets epic, a variety of tempos… I’m going to go a little electropop on this one

  10. Clafoutis - a French baked custard dessert traditionally made with cherries

  11. The recipe I made for this claimed that it was vital to leave the pits in the cherries for best flavor.

  12. I saw that in some recipes and it says it leaves some almond flavor and that’s the reason? But it seemed unnecessary to me, just add more almond extract?

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