1. Not quite sure what that means. Since every single genesect I caught this past week new techno blast (ice).

  2. Right, and that generally is the case with every Drive, but since the move wasn't promised as part of the event, I wouldn't be surprised if Niantic didn't do anything about it. You could certainly write to support and maybe get an ETM out of it, but I wouldn't have high hopes for that.

  3. I don't know. The gym was located somewhere in Mexico. I mean he officially stopped spawning at 10am. But it's possible it spawned right before I guess. That would be pretty stupid. I can't even elite tm techno blast anyways. Sucks.

  4. As with every raid rotation, new eggs that spawn at 10am local or later will have the new raid boss, but an egg that spawns as late as 9:45am (new raid eggs don't spawn in the last 15 minutes of an hour) can be Genesect hatching as late as 10:45am. Techno Blast is also ETMable now

  5. This is timed research and you find challengers by looking for them at pokestops

  6. This is what prompted me to post this thread in the first place. I'm pretty okay with the 'out of sight, out of mind' idea but the moment spoofing has an effect on a legitimate player's gameplay, I turn sour. It's one thing to block Buzz behind the in-person event (which ultimately, I am okay with as I know it is not a Regional longterm). But if any spoofing players are also using Buzzwole, that feels like an incredibly egregious offense that makes me want to stop playing. :/

  7. It was announced in the in-game news. The ticket is $11, not $16, and if you know someone who has a ticket they can gift it to you got $5

  8. Since Mega evolutions aren't a part of any Pokedex except the Mega Pokedex, I would guess no

  9. Hey sorry for the response to an old post but I was googling about this today and ended up here. You mention "two free raids per day" in this post, how do you get the 2nd free raid? Or was this a temporary event 3 months ago? Cheers

  10. The Pokémon with the higher attack stat wins CMP ties. In the event that both Pokémon have the same attack stat, it's a coin flip

  11. Lucky get a discount on powering up and evolving, just like purified. You get candy just like a normal trade and better odds at XL candy. Also they get a minimum limit for their stats, so instead of random numbers between 0/0/0 and 15/15/15, you get a guaranteed minimum of 10/10/10.

  12. CP is calculated by multiplying the attack, defense and HP. In the formula they use, the attack stat takes up the most CP. So, by using mons with zero attack, you can essentially get them to a higher level within the CP limit than you can with a mon which has 15 attack. The base stats increase with each level.

  13. My friends don't really send me gifts since they're always offline now

  14. You need to be physically present in the event location to receive any benefits, including the special research

  15. Is this completely confirmed? I bought the ticket with the add-ons for Friday. I haven't booked my return flight yet. If the bonuses only work the day of your ticket, I won't care and I'll just fly back Saturday. If they DO work the other days then I'll book my return for Monday. Finding an answer to this question has been nearly impossible.

  16. Yes, it's confirmed. It says when you add the add-on that it will be active all three days

  17. It was Keing's legend team. He posted a video and may have run it on stream as well

  18. So they lurned nothing from the internationally sold-out Liverpool Safari Zone, the most useful Incense has ever been?

  19. Liverpool was intended to be played in-person but was made remote because of the pandemic

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