1. Some people say it’s common in America because it’s thought to be hygienic (no smegma buildup).

  2. It's both - the thing is that it is absolute insanity to use some "easier cleaning" argument as a reason to mutilate people. I'm sure the same argument can be made for labiaplasty but no one suggests it because it is a barbaric practice that should never have been done in the first place just like the male equivalents.

  3. Damn, now I know what they said and want to unknow it. How distasteful

  4. He gets to be a colonel though if Belarus gets involved. Putin even agreed!

  5. Exact technique of how to place the finger on both strings at the same time depends on the girth of your finger (and thus varies by person) so consult a teacher about what to do exactly.

  6. Damn, not even the Lucio was spared. Poor guy wasn't even on screen when the ability started and got sucked in. Rip

  7. Nothing does. But even if she has both barriers and gets fully charged from them Ramattra will still beat her if he lands the punches. He's a much better brawler

  8. Sure, but her damage is fucking abysmal compared to other tanks. Best way to counter her is to literally ignore her and deal with the supports who are making her unkillable in the first place. Also her ult is actually ok. It doesnt suck, and is a good zoning ult. Works well against less mobile heroes and a good way to keep Orisa alive a bit longer with the fortify.

  9. Well if france can remind their goverment that the goverment works for the people and not the other way around why can't we all do that?

  10. This particular huge strike has nothing to do with the government and everything to do with the public transport companies who only offered insulting raises after small strikes. Labor has enough leverage to not have to eat negative wage growth. Stand united!

  11. They were offered 5% raises plus one time payments of a couple thousand EUR. They are asking for 10-12% raises.

  12. Labor fighting among themselves and being distracted from record profit posting, greedflation causing companies is exactly what they want.

  13. Region based formatting is a thing and child's play to use for a developer.

  14. Putin : If comrade Steinerov will attack, everything will be all right.

  15. toilets and washing machines , russia as yet to figure out how they work

  16. I imagine all the stolen washing machines, toasters and dish washers in a Muscovian lab. Their best (remaining) scientists trying to figure out how these mysterious contraptions work

  17. Me. I'm female and don't use a shoulder rest. But I'm not famous, either. 😁

  18. That's cause you've yet to post all the virtual duets you have been planning!

  19. I've had a year's worth of subscription or so (if you want one, wait for a sale - it's 30% or so off a few times a year). It's not really worth it to me, and you should only use it if you want the play-along a lot, such as with a tablet. Sheet music, at least classical which is the one I primarily play, is readily and freely available elsewhere.

  20. Or maybe one of the largest food exporters in the world invaded another huge exporter.

  21. In my country even some food from categories largely unaffected by the supply chain issues is up 50%, which cannot be justified with the energy cost increase alone. Greed definitely plays a major role

  22. No one gives a shit about men and boys. Like, to the extent 10000 boys were kidnapped by Boko Haram and no one called for them to be returned, but when 276 girls got taken by the same group you could see angry politicians with #BringBackOurGirls written everywhere.

  23. I know this does not make it any better but the boys were mostly murdered / burnt alive, the girls kidnapped.

  24. Oh yea, where they developed COVID-19 and was now working on COVID-20 \s

  25. I'd think Overwatch, but there are quite a few hundred if not thousand hours I used to play Diablo 2 and WoW. I just don't exactly remember cause I was still a young'un back then!

  26. Went from 900€ rental to 3200€ owned violin, then from that to a 5 digit € one years later that murdered my wallet.

  27. What’s strange is I’ve seen some women who actually look better in their mid to late 30s than they ever did in their 20s.

  28. There's just the best potential in the 20s. Doesn't mean you can't look better in 30s - it will simply take more effort, or you'll know better what outfit to choose or how to play your cards. Same for men looks wise of course, but men in their 30s usually have more resources, more confidence, more wisdom and experience which can be attractive. But again, individual men in 20s can be more attractive than 30s. No one should let themselves feel down over some "prime" number. Just be the best you can!

  29. - most people with influence to change things (politicians, the wealthy, and the majority of the voting population today)

  30. Thanks lol, hoping that my violin plays wont sound like a screeching cat

  31. Oh I thought that the bow usually comes with the violin, I'll ask the shop I'm buying from; I also assume it comes with newish strings, shouldn't it? It's advertised to be handcrafted brand new

  32. Or she won't, and she'll be too tired because not every woman likes more, more, more after having had hers. So answer is really "it depends"

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