1. If the company itself doesn't understand the job it is trying to get you to do, then you should run for the hills.

  2. When it happens, it will be the first time in a very long time.

  3. This varies by town as well. Our town will plow us out once or twice a snowstorm. And they manage and maintain the Gas, water and sewage repairs. Everyone on the street would need to pitch in to have it resurfaced but we are a dead end street without much traffic.


  5. This is why all money I spend is on a credit card. Then paid off at the end of the month. No connecting to my bank account, or overdraft.

  6. They are telling you that you have no path in the company and you must leave to keep going up in the world. They are telling you to look for a different job, listen to them.

  7. I wanted to be able to sleep and get some exercise. But that just wasn't in the cards for me.

  8. From a distribution point of view i believe it is illegal to do group viewings without explicit permissions from the movie owners.

  9. Well, as you only unlock them at the end of the game, they are not practical and it would be faster to just skip them completely and build the rocket. If they were unlocked somewhere in the middle of the tech tree I could see them as useful. Strangely they are most useful on heavily modded playthroughs and ones that let you keep playing after sending up a rocket.

  10. Mulligan has more to do with the land in the hand(Enough and right colors) and the CMC of the cards in it. Can I curve out? Do I have something that produces all the colors of the deck? Can I do anything with the card in my hand? If I got two [[Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer]] than I wouldn't be that worried as that allows for me to make more risky attacks.

  11. If the ability doesn't state when you can use it then you can use it whenever you have priority, the creature is untapped and summoning sickness has worn off. The summoning sickness is only for tap abilities and not for colon abilities.

  12. I have been thinking of making a more mining interesting mod where you only have a percentage chance of what it produces. Most of what a mine produces is fill rock, with lots of different elements or minerals randomly found throughout the mine. And you need to deal with all the random outputs without letting it clog up.

  13. Spray paint their windshield and see if they can still drive.

  14. Perfect, cutting costs for the lowest income people first while generating electricity next to people decreases the transmission losses from large powerplants. While also helping the low income people with improved housing value.

  15. Any resource guarding dog shouldn't be around little kids and it doesn't sound like you have the ability to train it out of him so rehoming is the only option.

  16. Well he and Claire need to be over COVID and back on their feet. But he has shown that there are few things waiting in the wings for choices as Livestream. Follow him on Twitter and YouTube to vote.

  17. Well at least they admit that their religion requires people to lie to preach it.

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