1. He also didn't spend his time in the military doing bond tours or playing on service teams like other players. He was a pretty talented fighter pilot. At one point his F9F was hit by anti-aircraft fire over Korea and he nursed it all the way back to his airfield.

  2. By WAR, this is the best season by any player in major league history. I'm very confident that record will stand until the sun burns out; no one in the past century has gotten even 15 WAR in a season.

  3. Fwiw the 20.2 WAR is from BB-Ref, and Fangraphs gives much much lower WAR numbers for those 19th century guys who threw 500+ innings in a season.

  4. It's not exactly a ban, but players wearing the armband would be given an immediate yellow card (this was apparently just announced), so all the teams are saying they'll comply.

  5. Its not a ban but yellow cards will be handed out and players eventually ejected which would cost the game. This is a ban just with an extra step.

  6. Yeah I just added an edit, really it is simply a ban like you said.

  7. You didn't mention these so I assume there's very little chance you want them...but they're very close to things you listed so I figured I'd offer. I have:

  8. yo man those are some sweet goal explosions you have. if I remember correctly singularity doesn't come from momentum series?

  9. Sorry, someone explained what I got wrong, I was confusing singularity and gravity bomb. I have those colors/certs of gravity bomb, which isn't even close to what you're looking for :/

  10. Hey I have victor forest green grims, would gladly trade for uncert + add.

  11. If it’s any consolation, Altuve was definitely intentionally stopping to interrupt the throw, so they weren’t gonna get the double play anyway

  12. He was stopping to act as a decoy/distraction is what it looks like to me. He was about to duck out of the way. If he intentionally impedes a throw the ump will call both runners out.

  13. I have never seen a 'FieldVision' replay like this before but it's amazing and looks very accurate to the tv footage.

  14. idk could be fun for benches-clearing incidents

  15. I can confidently say Cleveland's radio guy had a great call😅

  16. I don't know if this is the radio call(?) but it's much better than the call in the link in the OP. It actually sounds a lot like both clips are the same announcer...but this is a completely different play-by-play of it. Maybe they just sound alike, I dunno:

  17. You’re right. Non fascist and non racist Americans may say all they want, but still the American people as a whole voted trump as their president. Donald effing trump!

  18. The American people as a whole gave millions of more votes to his opponent, but he became President because of the preposterous, antiquated, un-democratic, unfair, and unequal rules of our presidential elections, namely the electoral college.

  19. A known system. America voted trump in.

  20. Oh la tee da mister 'My floors don't have any giant gaping holes in them.'

  21. Pitch 4 here (the pitch in question) is extremely borderline,

  22. The zone isn't really called as a square though its an oval. That's rarely going to be called.

  23. Sort of, but I'm just saying in respect the the "true" strike zone (although all of the pitch-trackers have margins of error) it looks to be very very close, and just barely low.

  24. Man would have like 650 dongs and like an extra 15-20 WAR if it wasn’t for the wars too

  25. An extra 15-20 WAR is extremely conservative, I would say it's hardly even close and assumes multiple prime seasons entirely lost to injury.

  26. Did they have warning tracks in the 1920s? Maybe the fields weren’t quite as bouncy

  27. Yankee Stadium, built in 1923, actually had baseball's first warning track, although it hadn't been intended as such.

  28. Ooh that's a good idea. I started rocking the turtle bling and that definitely helped.

  29. Also, don't lock on to Elden Beast. Some of his attacks are almost impossible to dodge if you stay locked on (like the shards raining from the sky), but are easy to dodge by just running in a straight line, not locked on..

  30. Go on Karl. Make 'Jammy Hand Tricks' sound like Jimi Hendrix. We're never doing this again.

  31. Yeah I can do that. Gt PopCanPipe I can hop on whenever

  32. Cool, I'm in a tournament, I'll message you when I'm done or else just invite you if you're online.

  33. For sure just message me and I’ll hop on

  34. Oops, I deleted my comment and was gonna attach it to your comment mentioning laser wave 3s.

  35. im buying all dimonix se for prices stated above and pay double up to quadruple for certs i dont have yet :)

  36. Cool, well I have fg uncert on xbox, so 80cr I guess.

  37. I can do that! Gt same as Reddit username OfficerDoppus

  38. I tried inviting you as Pilky000002, but you didn't connect.

  39. Just curious, what did you find disgusting about what Haslam said? I only caught a quote from it and didn’t know if there was more he said.

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