1. If you read the books, you can see that pipeweed had a mildly intoxicating effect, distinct from tobacco.

  2. If eggs and the like are going to be subsidized by the government (which they absolutely should be), then there should be an array of price controls.

  3. If Jorge isn't careful, he's gonna have a Jackson Pollock for a face.

  4. why not? I can easily see how a combination of circle tool, square tool, and some artistic chipping away at the edges with any of the tools can make these polygon shaped farms.

  5. I'm going to sacrifice your first born child

  6. that's a very different sentiment to your previous reply, where you asked about technique. I don't think my baby girl will enjoy being sacrificed either

  7. You're not even circle jerking, you just suck

  8. If you don't like negative feedback then just turn off your phone lol. It's that simple.

  9. Fantastic book, it can definitely be dense at times but I think that it's worth it.

  10. Actually... in the anime he was unaware of the demon... Also, in the manga he was unaware if the demon.... In the anime he only says that AFTER Tanjiro has explained the situation (atleast in I dub).

  11. This isn't even an unpopular opinion with anyone who's ever played both games. The original CTR still holds up somehow

  12. I think that in this circumstance, a manager or employee would allow it if you ask.

  13. This poster is so emblematic of the divide between new left and old left lol…. Totally tone deaf to what black power actually is and just equates it to white supremacy. No wonder the new left didn’t trust existing socialist parties or organized labor

  14. I don't think this was so much tone deaf, because I think it's a response to the Black Panthers, which were also a socialist organization.

  15. It sucks but this is cheaply fixable and probably the best outcome for something like this. Doesn't really belong in this sub.

  16. Yes but you need wealth and armies. It's very advantageous to get soldiers from allies who have high soldiers stats

  17. Bro why are you mad about a joke? Calm down a bit. Besides the whole earth does not revolve around USA, each country has their laws and where I'm from you get a death sentence for possessing drugs. But you do you bro

  18. I didn't mention the USA wtf are you talking about LMAO

  19. "Used wisely social media can be a force for good. In many ways it can connect us with the natural world and bring greater understanding of chimpanzees and the other amazing animals who inhabit this planet. And it can also inform us about the urgent need to protect them and their habitats. On the other hand, some of the material shared on social media - “cute” infant chimpanzees dressed in human clothes; selfies with various wild animals, and other animals forced to perform for “entertainment” - greatly harms the species through misrepresentation and drives illegal trade.

  20. Thank you for this. This sub made me aware of the issue years ago, and I'm glad to see it's become common knowledge here. Thank you for sharing this with everyone, I think it's very important!

  21. Don't give ape milk, apes are lactose intolerant. That's why he belly :-(

  22. No, she's dead. I will see her in the next plane of existence. She was a good lady, so I hope that I am considered good as well and see her again.

  23. This has inspired me to pour kerosene into my sock drawer.

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