One Piece: Chapter 1052

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  1. Income inequality? You mean poor people are just naturally thieving scum? Or is it just poor people in places like Seattle who are told it's not their fault for being poor and stealing shit, that it's just "reparations" and it's actually society's fault they don't have everything they want for free.

  2. I don't think I've ever met someone who has this kind of take that is abhorrently selfish tbh. Like it's a take that's born from a place of privilege, a place of never having to actually struggle or work for anything. And tbh that's sad, and I hope people like you with this take can learn to be better

  3. Request cancelled, no longer needed

  4. Request no longer needed

  5. It's amazing how pants shittingly mad the mere existence of the Epic store still makes a good chunk of GamersTM

  6. Who calls himself Oden, considers himself a man, uses he/him, etc...

  7. lmao dude what? Yamato is a chick, Oda confirmed it in her vivre card. She just sees herself as Oden, who was a dude. Doesn't mean she sees herself, Yamato, as a guy

  8. Ah yes. Cats are so very cooperative and play along with staged videos. /s

  9. That's just his wife, not a gimmick

  10. You don't walk out of wrestling ring mid match. It's frustrating how that's controversial to say in this subreddit. And, sure walking out gets someone hurt at McDonald's. And, you shouldn't do it. But, if you're mopping the floors, it's probably fine safety wise. A wrestling match is something else entirely, it's coreographed, and publicly viewed by nature.

  11. I can't agree with that, man. Such weird logic to me. Don't you think most pro wrestlers would agree you follow a match through to the end?

  12. Until you've reached a breaking point with a job it will seem weird to you. But the thing is, it's just a job. He doesn't owe them a fucking thing. He decided he was done, so he left. As is his right

  13. One of my friends just messaged me to let me know her friend's older brother was one of the people signed, that shit's cool AF

  14. Here's the thing though - the prevailing opinion here is that nxt stars get wasted on the main roster when that's not really true. Plenty of nxt graduates have gone on to become staples on Raw and smackdown. See Bianca, the 4HW, the street profits, Riddle, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Happy Corbin.

  15. There was definitely a period where a lot of NXT Callups floundered on the MR

  16. Denver: They have Mexicans!

  17. Holy shit credit to Aubrey for SLAMMING her hand into those tacks for the count

  18. Full Face Paint Rosa!!

  19. Butch is on the other show

  20. Man, he really thinks he's doing something huh

  21. JFC aren't you a waste of oxygen

  22. MnK is quite comfortable, tho I've played all 3 DS's and Sekiro with M+KB, Elden Ring definitely doesn't have the best controls but they work precisely enough to where I can have a very stront control of the camera when I want.

  23. out of curiosity, did you play PtDE or Remastered w/ MKB?

  24. _77- says:

    It's pasta you nerd LOL

  25. Well that's neither rootin nor tootin

  26. I don't think anyone has ever said that in seriousness. Not without some severe lack of awareness anyways

  27. Fun fact: I've seen more people insulting Amanda Huber on SCJerk than on here. Literally calling her a carny grifter.

  28. I'm with the guy wanting toi know if it's edible. can i become a rubber man

  29. Tanahashi being listed as "Japanese Young Boy" in the title is fucking great

  30. It is an absolute banger line but you can't fault them for trying to make room for Chopper.

  31. Funny you should ask! There's a

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