1. She made a cake but her minions ate it first. Now she is trying to explain that her minions ate the cake and not her.

  2. I... I would love see her every morning at her eyes.

  3. A man wanted do it with demons so he went to hell and got an entire harem.

  4. Now the excuse is valid, I didn't wanted touch her, she fucked me all along.

  5. Modeus is a very closer friend of her with that tongue exposed.

  6. If she started to groan, just rub her back with the fingers.

  7. Taker: I don't know. I feel that is for the power of the script.

  8. Pandemonica Male maybe is already feeling better seeing that show.

  9. Hm... I am doubting about if the one with that idea was making it a good choice.

  10. Weird, she dresses up like maid but she didn't said "Master".

  11. She cannot see... but she can smell and hear you. Never piss her off.

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