1. YTA. Sorry but I agree with your family. Why didn’t you just move your office? Instead you spent $200k, which it doesn’t sound like he asked you to do, and then expected to be reimbursed for it when he died?

  2. I... realize I have been doing this since forever. I stole it from Austin Powers, however.

  3. 25-30 a day for pet sitting? Do you mean someone dropping by once to let the dog out?

  4. I’m sure there’s a more niche subreddit that could help you figure this out. Maybe the heat lamp in his cage isn’t the right temperature

  5. Yeah well I've been bouncing all over reddit trying to find an answer so yeah just let me ask my question in peace. Automoderator sent me to this sub.

  6. Then maybe Reddit isn’t the best place to find your answer. Consider calling your vet or maybe even a pet store that specializes in reptiles. A lot of times the employees are also pet owners. They may be able to help

  7. Idk if you deserved it, but it feels like a natural consequence to what you did.

  8. Record the way she treats the dog. Send it to animal control. They’ll decide if it’s abuse.

  9. Block her and don’t contact her. You’ll learn that life rarely gives you closure. You have to live with your choices and the loose ends that may come along with them. Move forward.

  10. You guy need to get into couples counseling and start seeing a doctor about fertility.

  11. I dont know why she is doin this to me I haven’t confronted her yet like I’m on call with her and she is sleeping on call I’ve been working on a gift to give her and I’m already almost done and it feels like a time waist

  12. Have you tried with a temp agency? Some of them pay cash daily depending on the job

  13. Not a doctor, but this sounds like OCD. If you’ve tried everything to get through to him, tell him that if he doesn’t go to the doctor AND to a psychiatrist/therapist, that you’ll obtain power of attorney over him and force him to go. It’s up to you as to whether or not you want to follow through with that.

  14. How much does it cost to obtain power of attorney over him? I’m only 21 years old, have very little knowledge about that legal stuff. I make a decent wage so I could probably afford it.

  15. This feels like it could get messy. Do you have any mutual acquaintances that may be able to feel out the situation?

  16. This happened to me before. I got a break away collar and a tag with my phone number on it. I put it on the cat. I let the cat stay outside and then the next day I got a text message from the owner. I told them I put the collar on the cat to find out if they belonged to someone and it worked.

  17. If he doesn’t have a collar, and I’m assuming he doesn’t, put one on him with a note asking if he has a home. If he does, then the person can respond and let you know he’s not a stray. If the note is untouched for a week or so, then you have a likely answer. I call it cat mail!

  18. NTA. My brother is my beneficiary and I have it explicitly stated that I want the money to go towards my niece and nephew’s college, down payment for their homes or even their kids’ college depending on how old they are when they receive the funds.

  19. I mean, if you’ve had her for 2 days, her stomach could still be settling to the new food. Plus the stress of a new home may have caused an upset tummy.

  20. So the bloody poo isn’t worth losing sleep over necessarily and something you’d want to get checked asap?

  21. Well you’re calling the vet in the morning, so they’ll tell you to bring her in for an evaluation. If she was bleeding uncontrollably or something then it’d def be an emergency

  22. FFF did the same thing when they were selling the Versace sunglasses. I got to keep the wrong pair, got refunded, and found the pair I actually wanted on Amazon for like $40 less than what FFF was selling them for

  23. At the risk of being downvoted into oblivion OP, I believe you. I don’t think you were the cause, but you probably may have been the catalyst. He was looking for a reason to leave and he found it in you. He made choices too.

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