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  1. Hmm bounced off your dick into the pool, what's the urban dictionary name for this move?

  2. Tbh I was having fun with the game and didn't spend any money but that's just me, I do hate the extreme monetization of games but I guess I'm also just kind of numb to it now

  3. I never heard of this game, so I don't really understand. Is it free to play, but heavily pay to win? Or what's going on with the game?

  4. Well what I've played it's basically mobile Diablo 3 with a lil bit different of a story, I guess it covers some stuff that would appeal more to long time fans, but it is a free game and it just from what I can see is bogged down with cosmetic micro transactions and an in game currency, it doesn't from what I can tell affect gameplay, I think the more overpowered items like certain gems or something like that (can't remember what they're called but things to slot into gear) are like super super super hard to get unless you pay real money and of course that's gonna piss any longtime fan who loves to become overpowered I'm Diablo off, cause I remember how crazy high power and levels went in 3 myself and I guess that's been nerfed cause it's an MMO type of thing

  5. Never seen stranger things or the vast majority of game of thrones myself

  6. being banned and cancelled has literally nothing to do with what the government is or isnt allowed to do to an individual. posts on social media are protected by the first amendment and freedom of speech, but that only means the government isnt allowed to censor or restrict what your allowed to say. freedom of speech does not protect any form of speech, weather online or offline, against other individuals restricting what your allowed to say in a given situation

  7. Nothing on the internet is protected speech, any lawyer would tell you this, because you're posting (like here on Reddit)on a platform privately owned by an individual, if it was protected you wouldn't be able to be banned or shut down

  8. again, freedom of speech only protects you from the government not against corporate policy. and yes, this applies even online, the government is not allowed to make any laws restricting what people are allowed to post on social media, this speech is protected

  9. It's not protected, the American constitution does not apply to the "worldwide" web

  10. Me at 13 going bald already and process complete by 16 looking like I'm 30 when I turn 21

  11. This reminds me of those "pranks" everyone was doing back from like 2010 where everyone in the video gets way too excited to do something genuinely dangerous or inconvenient to someone and then when the person sees everyone in the video laughs and tells way too loud and acts like they really did something other than just piss someone off

  12. I think we're well past infringed and it's only going to continue

  13. Infringe- "act so as to limit" Literally definition, but I didn't say anything about the process of getting one, that said beyond not having any there is no process you can implement that will stop a killer, period, meanwhile go look at Switzerland, they make all their citizens upon completing school and/or reach a certain age spend a minimum of 2 years in the military, and when they get out they give them a gun and a box of ammo and send them on their way, every single citizen, and guess what, there hasn't been a gun crime in literally decades, meanwhile the countries without them experience knife crime through the roof and more terrorist attacks than any other countries in the world, and America has probably the biggest target on its back out of any country, so go on and explain why what we're doing is a good idea and makes sense disarming our populace and making it harder and harder to get a gun, when our government is done all we'll have to defend ourselves is pea shooters, so when we find ourselves in the next decade or two in a second civil war or a literal red dawn situation, I hope you feel secure in your home

  14. Or just be a female, especially if you have a big booty, plenty of porn accounts with over a million karma

  15. Yeah that's pretty much my gf, didn't meet on a dating app tho, only difference is she makes her own money

  16. Yea... best hope is get it out fast and only have to replace the tire and wheels, perhaps breaks brakes etc. But everything else probably be fine

  17. Nah that undercarriage is stuffed full, and if it hardened (which it would be very hard to clean at that point anyways) that car is ruined in ways I can't even imagine, I highly doubt it would ever be able to move again, just water that high is enough to ruin a car and give it problems even after fixed for the rest of it's lifespan, cement? Nah just turn it into a cube

  18. Meanwhile here in America I also have no AC, I live next to a lake and in a valley, so the humidity is pretty much at max at all times, and it's always about 98F degrees outside (about 35C) so naturally it's even hotter inside... With no airflow because if I open up my windows (most of which are broken because my house is over 100 yrs old) I just get swarmed with endless waves of bugs, so needless to say during the day I tend to stay solely in my underwear and every single hair my cat sheds sticks to me because I sweat to death

  19. This killed me lol... He even talked to her like I do in my head to the Skyrim or oblivion npcs

  20. So now that song has returned to my memory... Thanks for that... Lol My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  21. Idk that first one isn't looking like migraine, it's looking like the need to find the avatar

  22. Ok so I can only hear small snippets but I wanna say the song that plays is blind by Korn

  23. These are all very intelligent animals, which implies that intelligent creatures are more likely to try and slaughter their fellow being.

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