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  1. All the parts of Caelid I don't have to run through to get to Radahn and Gurang

  2. He has insane pumped up stats and so can be pretty awkward to fight cos he can 2 shot you even with 60 vigor and has a similar health pool to Midir. Don't think I've ever managed to burst him down quickly even with my most OP builds.

  3. Only build I've found that overwhelms it is shield charge build. That can dump do much damage and stagger on him while blocking his spam, it almost trivilazes it.

  4. I found it funny, but kind of jarring in such an otherwise serious game.

  5. y can they not simply pull themselves up by them boot straps?

  6. Nah you hold it up/tight around your back with your arms or elbows so most of the material is bunched in front of you (while sitting of course) so none of it is touching anything but you. In a public restroom, down is unhygienic, whatever's on the floor (missed pee, toilet overflow, etc) is now on your skirt.

  7. Bold of you to assume my skirt is long enough to touch the ground!

  8. saddest part is the rainbow was a part of elementary school and even some middle and high school aesthetics just from an artistic encouragement angle originally, now they want to take it all away because they just want to be hateful little cretins over a vulnerable and repressed minority who just wants to live peacefully and protect those like them.

  9. It never takes fascists long to get to the point of banning all art, free expression, usage of excess color, etc, etc.

  10. I think you're referring to Zullie the Witch's video. I don't agree with the points he made because my experience has been different. Sometimes I dodge and press square before recovering from the rolling animation which of course would not allow me to heal because I'm in the process of a whole other animation. Despite that, I still get read by the Godskins and Crucible Knights as if I healed even though I only pressed the button and nothing happened.

  11. I've seen people go on and on and how falling deaths are based on the distance fallen, not time. Yet I can't tell you how many times I've seen videos of people dying from falls of like 5 feet cause they got hung on a bush or a tree and floated there for like 10 seconds

  12. I honestly, wholeheartedly, hate that mechanic. There's a whole handful of enemies I would be excited to fight again and again if it weren't the case, but instead every new Cruci-knight that shows up I groan. Honestly my biggest pet peeve with this game, by far.

  13. Same. It makes me sad to see so many within the community defend it because it's a fromsoft game. I don't even find the mechanic "too hard", it's just so unfun.

  14. At least someone gets it. I understand the whole "being peaceful" bit. Trying to meet in the middle and being able to work through things in a manner that is peaceful and beneficial to everyone. But how people don't understand that there's goons with a strangle hold on our lives is beyond me. The only way it seems for us to get to where we need to be is to literally go to war with these people.

  15. I mean it's not like it's great and welcoming for trans people either.

  16. So he thinks someone who is vocally proud of being a transphobe... isn't a transphobe?

  17. The figure with the twins could be Godwyn, since he was close to Miquella. It doest have Marika’s signature braid.

  18. I would say this is more likely. There are almost no lore instances of Marika interacting with any of her demigod children, at least not as Marika. Radagon is shown to be close to Miquella, but I can't recall one time a single lore note mentioned Miquella and Marika so much as shaking hands.

  19. He looks like he's about to transmute his daughter and his dog together

  20. trans passing is full of a bunch of transphobes that harass anyone who posts. Trans or not, the things they say, to literally everyone who posts, is disgusting, and should be totally disregarded.

  21. As someone who lives on the Puget sound (oly), sadly this is my experience too. Despite it being a "progressive" place. One of the staff at PP where I get my HRT always misgenders me. A lot of the staff their are nice, but one bigot with power over my life is enough to ruin my experience there.

  22. Because if they just said outright they want to genocide trans people, even the children, even the most jaded of centrists would call it out for the open fascism that it is.

  23. Because their lives are easy AF and still horrible. Their relationships are garbage fire.. and then they see us "weirdo trans people" happy despite the struggle we face, enjoying our difficult lives. Having happy relationships, successfully being who we want to be against the odds.

  24. I was about to remove this post due to the misconceptions surrounding the use of AGAB terminology here, but I feel like leaving this up potentially. With the comments here between you, a few other folks, and OP here, it seems to be a genuine misunderstanding and OP has apologized here for the poor use of terms and learned from the mistake. This is obviously something that could be triggering to many trans people in this sub, but at the same time the comment thread here between you and OP could be a good example of why those terms are a poor choice in this context. However, not being trans myself, I'll defer to you and others as to leaving this up or not.

  25. I am very happy OP reacted reasonably here, they as an individual are not at fault. My anger and frustration is with a growing trend in progressive spaces to use the terms amab / afab as a sort "progressive" replacement for male / female. A lot of people repeat this without realizing that usage originates from TERFs trying to find socially acceptable ways to be exclusionary to trans people (Such as AFAB dressing rooms).

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