1. You're 22 and very young , you still have a long life to live with lessons to learn from, this is one of them. You might feel bad now for it but some time from now you might be looking back at it and being thankful for what you learned and avoid similar situations in the future.

  2. You’re exactly. This is why I just decided it was best to let go at some point. It’s crazy how upset he became when I no longer wanted to contact with him he’d use the excuse that I was abandoning him but how could I possibly do that if he’s so happy in his relationship now.

  3. It's difficult to stop thinking about them but as the days go on it will get easier and easier until they are a distant memory. Just don't get sucked back in if he does try and contact you again. To make sure this doesn't happen you rent do have to cut off any avenue he has to get in touch with you. Block, delete and block some more

  4. That was my first though, I mean how serious could that relationship be if not even two days ago he asked me to see him. All of it is just all over the place. He made the excuse that he talked about his new relationship incorporating threesomes, but I’m sure if a newly founded partner found out the other one was asking weird sexual questions to someone they didn’t consent too it wouldn’t matter.

  5. Unfortunately you learned the hard way that you can't let yourself do wife things without having that label.

  6. It just sucks honestly I question myself if there is something wrong with me. Like if at my age I just wasn’t good enough versus someone who was middle aged. It just makes me question my self so much.

  7. Yea, don't question your self worth. This leaves the door open for the next guy to use your insecurities against you.

  8. It’s hard ig. I just feel like I’m missing out so I can do nothing but just have this overwhelming aching feeling in my chest.

  9. Nice work. How tall are you?

  10. Wow. That’s even more impressive knowing your height. Well done

  11. I think it comes down to fixing your diet. Always been pretty heavy, but decided this summer I’d be more healthier with incorporating cardio and being more Mindful of proportions. The goal is to be 190 by the end of the summer lol. I powerlift so I don’t necessarily need to get too small just anywhere between 180-190 will do for now and I’ll think about it in the future if I should go any smaller.

  12. It looks like a lot of pure back rotation though.

  13. that bar path is lookin smooove

  14. Your locs are one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Also your skin is luminous, the sun loves it. You are stunning.

  15. Some of the best squat form I’ve seen on this sub Reddit. Keep it up!

  16. Ive said it once, and I’ll say it again. You probably have the cleanest squat out of everyone in this sub. Keep up the phenomenal work!

  17. Thank you so much! I spend a lot of time doing mobility. Especially since I’m heavier and it’s just important to keep my joints in health and ensure I practice form every chance I get. I’ll probably be back to lifting heavy in the next week or so.

  18. Haha, I usually get this all the time. I was extremely tired that day, and didn’t have much food. My friend in the vid also powerlifters so he offered to spot! I personally don’t mind spotters anything could go wrong so it’s just better to be safe than sorry :).

  19. People keep commenting about the wash but the secret here is you gotta dry. Drying prevents dandruff. Game changer for me, I had it so bad because I would shower and go to bed with damp hair.

  20. No way! It’s so important for me to wash my hair. I dry it with a blow dryer, then I make sure to moisturize after.

  21. What do you use to moisturize after blow drying your hair ?

  22. This is a wonderful picture!! Your locs are pretty-I love the length and the sun loves your skin!

  23. niceeee hair texture :0 how long have you had them? and how long to retwists take given the length?

  24. That is going n to bust the other weights. A huge no no

  25. Asked the owner if it was ok and he told me it was perfectly fine. Considering these are old plates, he said no one uses them.

  26. Left has wider legs and thinner waist. Right has wide waist and thinner legs.

  27. Main focus was to take charge of my diet, so along with that came subtle physique changes. Such as having bigger quads from increased protein intake, and having a smaller waist from cutting a lot of junk out my diet.

  28. You’re such a badass! I’m super shy about going to the weightlifting corner of my gym and seeing other women kill it is motivational

  29. Apart from glutes, squats and deadlifts dont work the same muscles, right? Or am I just retarded

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