On this day 100 years ago, the Soviet Union, or The United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was officially formed

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  1. Make no mistake. Even retaking territory up to the line of February 23rd, 2022 would be a tremendous success for Ukraine and a bitter failure for Moscow.

  2. Oh my God, I wrote 19 paragraphs in response to that downvoted person and they deleted on me before I could respond. What a tragedy.

  3. Firstly, this is certainly great to hear. As I said a few days ago, a question of “when”, not “if”.

  4. These - the probes - these are good. A “United Front” is certainly important, but this is also an opportunity to portray, both inwardly and outwardly, how the country’s trajectory (in the anti-corruption department) will progress.

  5. I set a general principle of not speaking on issues I don’t have much proper knowledge of.

  6. Looking at it in a more sober fashion, I (personally) wouldn’t say all is bad. I think it’s clear that the Leopards are a question of “when” at this point, not “if”.

  7. In regards to Biletskyi… While describing him as a far-right ideologue and leader would be correct, there are a few things to note about his election. He ran as an independent candidate in a single-mandate district (winning with a fairly small margin). Biletskyi did not officially run as a member of any far-right organizations he was previously affiliated with and also emphasized his role as one of the leading soldiers in the Battle of Mariupol (2014), deemphasizing any real extremist connotations to himself. Researchers of the far-right in Ukraine have noted that since 2014, Biletskyi has officially appeared to be more moderate to change his reputation (although it’s likely such a “transformation” isn’t too genuine). (After he began serving as an MP in the Rada, he stopped serving as a leader of Azov, although likely kept ties to at least a portion of its leadership). Again, he’s still a far-right demagogue, but he has done things to change his personal image and has not advocated for any extreme xenophobic ideas of his earlier “career” since 2014.

  8. I didn't downvote you, I was asleep. It was 4 AM where I live when you posted this.

  9. There’s are fair criticisms to be here. No need to defend every action taken by Zelenskyi’s administration.

  10. Fun fact: The 1922 “Declaration and Treaty on the Formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” (brought into effect on December 30th) represented a functional compromise that, on paper, established a “Union” of sorts.

  11. I found it baffling that the referendums for the USSR to continue existing had approval rates in the order of 98% IIRC, and so did referendums for the Republics to attain independence, weeks or months thereafter. Those approval rates alone suggests massive fuckery, but together and in such close proximity also suggests that the questions were phrased such that either voters did not understand what was asked of them, or politicians could spin their response however the Hell they wanted.

  12. I mean. The question/phrasing of the referendum on the “preservation” of the Union had a notable focus on the “Sovereignty” of the various Republics. It stemmed from the new ideas of a clearly more devolved/decentralized entity. Further, there was a significant variety in percentages of the approval (of the referendum). Not to mention that a few of participating Republics (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, one more, IIRC) also included additional questionaries on further autonomy. Ukraine’s additional referendum, for example, gave approval to the idea that Ukrainian laws would from that point onwards take precedence over the “All-Union” ones (Certain Western Ukrainian regions organized their own referendum for Ukrainian Independence, but those were local initiatives).

  13. I know fairly little about the region due to my focus on the other side of the world, but from my cursory readings, I want to say that the ever-present influence of Tatmadaw for almost 70 years on almost every element of Myanmar’s state structure is baffling. Insane, really.

  14. A lot of very questionable roots of the whole “restoration” of the monument (in independent Ukraine). Least of all that the initiative and funding for the monument’s “restoration” in 2007 came primarily from one former local oligarch, one Ruslan Tarpan. For much of his career, Tarpan was associated with a marginal extreme Pro-Russian party (which functionally disappeared in the mid-late 2000s). He is currently under investigation for major corruption schemes across the city of Odesa and has officially been “missing” since 2017. Apparently he’s hiding in the United Arab Emirates.

  15. Are you asking to gain an entire checklist of arguments against it or are you genuinely wondering?

  16. Even if such a position isn’t genuine to a T, there’s little point in revealing that now, especially given Ukraine’s recent battlefield successes.

  17. Where did Poland get that story from? It was from Ukraine. Zelenskyy called Duda after the story broke and told them what he's still saying to this hour: the missile was Russian.

  18. His full (recent) statement is a bit more nuanced. He’s convinced it was a Russian missile, but wants “concrete proof” and Ukraine’s participation in the investigation, in which case he said they’ll admit fault and apologize if proven to be responsible (which is very likely true).

  19. And they acted like that was a new justification for it.

  20. You said yourself, it is pretty vague. Providing modern western weaponry can easily fit in that “classification”.

  21. Come on, obviously Ukraine wouldn’t have requested a formal strike campaign on Russian military infrastructure.

  22. Resident Ukraine Bot speaking. Just here to say that Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (WA-03) is quite cute. :) I wish her the best. :)

  23. Should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism, of course, but if true… Most prominent death of a collaborator yet. Stremousov was, arguably, THE face of Collaborationism in the full-scale invasion phase of the war. Easily the most “hawkish”, radical and anti-Ukrainian collaborator, rhetorically at least.

  24. This whole saga of escalation in Ukraine is the summation of 15 years of US imperialism trying and failing to shape the world in its image. Russias invasion is a war crime, and so is the cluster bombing of Donetsk by Kyiv.

  25. If you’re interested in “going back” to the early days of the War in Donbas, then you should at least pretend to be somewhat objective.

  26. This is a bit of an exaggeration. She isn’t just collecting a “blank cheque”.

  27. The article professes a pretty questionable argument. Diplomacy is good and imperative in many occasions.

  28. Disingenuous framing. He’s not under fire for saying that. Borrell also said something similar, but garnered none of the flack.

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