1. I try to find arguments that aren't an appeal to emotion because vegans don't seem to have empathy for humans. That being said, here's a "cold" way to look at it:

  2. Another cold comparison is animals are fed well, vs deliberate starvation in concentration camps.

  3. Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle were accused of doing blow because they were excited at a rally.

  4. Are you taking measurements? Have you put on muscle, bone density, or lean mass in general?

  5. This is what happens when your hatred of fat people is so strong you don't bother to educate yourself about things like what actually causes rapid weight gain, what actually causes miscarriages, how to be a decent human, how to be a good friend to someone going through a hard time, what concern trolling is, or anything else that would actually help this situation.

  6. But with the boyfriend, it’s pretty safe to say eating habits are the cause.

  7. If her boyfriend became obese while with her, it's safe to assume it has a lot to do with lifestyle and overeating.

  8. This is Reddit. There are way too many posters here who’ll never admit lifestyle and overeating are 99% of the reason they’re unhealthy.

  9. Remember, meat is bad “because it ferments in your colon.” Instead, you should eat fiber so you benefit from it fermenting in your colon.

  10. Sometimes your body just needs a reset. Fasting is great but it’s still a stressor. I’m in the same boat and was able to start ADF again this week after about a month without anything over 24hr/OMAD.

  11. I did my first dry fasts recently and did not do well. While I’m a beginner, I guarantee the heat exacerbated the fatigue and dehydration. I may either stick to 24hrs max or just stick with water fasting until winter.

  12. The wife wonders about cholesterol. I’ve yet to have my yearly physical, so if my numbers are all fucked up, I’ll have to adjust, but I have never felt (or looked) better in my life

  13. Cholesterol numbers are largely meaningless. Fat loss and lower blood glucose levels are way more important for cardiovascular health. If you have to care about any of the cholesterol numbers, look at the hdl/triglycerides ratio.

  14. People complain about the price of insulin but no one asks why the demand is so high in the first place.

  15. I would equate femcels are women who can get sex...but cant get a man to be in a relationship/commit to them

  16. Those are emcels. They’re emotionally celibate, and unable to connect with someone in a relationship.

  17. Are you unable to skip meals or are you just unable to stop eating once a meal begins?

  18. nah just eat too much shit a could eat 4 meals + sweets nd everything in between chasing dopamine basically.

  19. I hear you. It’s helpful to know if you’re able to abstain at all. My problem is overeating at a meal once I’ve started eating, but I’m able to skip meals. It’s a different approach for someone else.

  20. I was going to say “he has shit to do” but I guess that falls under this too.

  21. All you have to do is ask how cholesterol causes cvd and through what mechanism. They won’t have an answer.

  22. He was a gun dealer running a sting operation for the CIA/FBI to entrap Saudi assassins. The deal went sour, the gunmen killed paddock and shot into the crowd to create chaos so their plan wouldn’t be revealed, triggering World War III.

  23. I took a cholesterol test 24hr fasted and my total was over 400 and my ldl was over 300 (hdl was higher than triglycerides). My doctor called in a panic yelling that I need to be on a statin immediately. I calmly asked about ldl particle size and relative risk vs absolute risk. They didn’t know. I stood my ground and the doctor gave up.

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