A PSA and Apology from a friendly neighborhood mail carrier.

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  1. Both. 40 hour restriction is fine there is no need to be a little bitch with fake ass FMLA though

  2. “I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out.”

  3. Keep in mind that the majority of flight attendants only get paid from doors closed to open, so flight time only.

  4. “When we are in partnership and have stopped clutching each other's throats, when we have stopped enslaving each other, we will stand together, hands clasped, and be friends. We will be comrades, we will be brothers, and we will begin the march to the grandest civilization the human race has ever known.”

  5. Except you don't need to be in the union to file grievances, so why pay dues?

  6. The Union is a direct reflection of it's membership and the culture they want to create. If you're telling me that you personally believe that the union is too weak to do anything, then that falls on the membership to step up.

  7. Wtf it was -22 with the wind chill here yesterday, and we had to deliver everything. Split a route yesterday and today too cause a regular is out with covid. We didn't get Amazon either day though so Tuesday is definitely gonna suck

  8. Big ass snow pile in the right lane Southbound on 270 right before exit 17A which I believe is to Dublin and Bridge Street. BE CAREFUL.

  9. 270 and 315 are doable at about 40 mph, but still pretty bad

  10. Doesn’t stop people trying to go 70 and spinning out Must’ve counted 8 cars on the west side coming home from around east.

  11. No what’s evil is some stations mandating CCAs to work 12-14 hour days for 30 days straight with no break in between just because they can.

  12. Wait they’re mandating you as reg to pick up auxiliaries from other AOs? That’s wild.

  13. That’s a great attitude to have. This is why our country is the way it is, cause everyone has this attitude. Now we have rights be stripped away & people like you said ‘my vote won’t affect anything’ that’s BS.

  14. With all the talk around the railroads going around lately, I thought it would be important to highlight this momentous

  15. You should have a plunger. Everyone soon as you notice a clog you plunge that shit.

  16. You have nothing to worry about. You found it almost right away and it's not bad, only a small area around the toilet bowl. I don't think 5 seconds will be enough time for the water to seep through and go through your downstairs neighbour's ceiling or cause any serious damage. No need to tell your landlord. Just make sure, it's all nice and dry.

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