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  1. Wait, shouldn't they have your phone number BEFORE the first date?

  2. Oh this post is primarily for online dating, I’ll correct that lol but yeah makes sense!

  3. Ya, that was a douche bag move on his part. Keep looking there are plenty of fish in the sea

  4. The decor reminds me of the types of home set up and furniture most of my relatives had. It brings back fond memories.

  5. You dumb shit Justice Thomas in his agreement to the decision addressed the case allowing gay marriage as another ruling that needs to be addressed.


  7. To a bar? I'm sure she was not impressed with that suggestion.

  8. Gender reveal celebrations aren't really socially acceptable

  9. RED FLAG Wow, that red flag is so strong it's #FF0000 I heard another guy say this and his reasoning is because the make up sex is amazing. This is the dumbest most selfish type of person ever.

  10. So true because it's total bullshit. One is constantly "working on themselves" even when they're in a relationship.

  11. Live with the guilt as it will prohibit you from hurting others.

  12. I agree. I hate being called DADDY too. However, to most guys, when I tell them not to call me that and they don't.

  13. It was an exciting time as we were beginning to get a lot of representation. Raves were huge and so were drugs. I remember going to gay rap groups and talking about the various topics on life. People were still going to clubs/bars to meet.

  14. You are doing the right things but you have to stick to it. Lose the weight and secure a good job and you'll be OK. These are processes and you're not done. You're giving up too early.

  15. They want relationships for two main reasons: 1) to show off that they have a girlfriend (it's a status symbol to straight guys) and; 2) for regular sex

  16. He's bullshitting you and wants to keep you as a FWB. My parents are complete opposites and they've been married for 56 years.

  17. Ah there is the flaw in heterosexuality. Women (for the most part) are dependent upon men for their happiness.

  18. What gives you that feeling? I had a hook up and now we've been dating for 4 months now.

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