1. Dalvin cooks best game is still 3 points worse than cooper kupps worst game. This is an obvious smash

  2. It means your package is temporary delayed in transit do to unavoidable circumstances. It could be due to weather or vehicle issues or other issues

  3. Thank you, hoping that doesnt pop up for me lol

  4. For a 10 team, this team is loaded. Sounds like you’ve just been unlucky so far

  5. Nobody develops qbs anymore. They either have it or they don't

  6. Well not a single qb that has walked through our organization has “had it” in my lifetime. Our dysfunction sure doesnt help development at all

  7. RG3 definitely had it, but our dysfunction ruined him. Kirk didnt have it, doesnt have it with the Vikings either. He’s a slightly above average QB but not a franchise guy imo

  8. Starting to feel the same this year. In 3 leagues with decent rosters and just nothings going my way

  9. It's the worst. I drop 120 a week. Should be 140 and everything just pops off on the other teams roster. I get it once in a while but every week? Brutal. Hope you make a run.

  10. To give you some hope I started out 1-5 one year and went on a streak and got 3rd in the league. Its just fantasy, nothing you can do when you have a great week but your opponent goes berserk, which feels like it happens often. In week 2, out of 2/3 leagues I played against Lamar and Amon Ran combo, was down 90-0 in both leagues and didnt really stand a chance. I feel like this year has been more unusual so far. Pair my fantasy luck with being a Commanders fan and im not even looking forward to sundays after this week lmao

  11. Commanders fan ready to hop on the wagon, lets get it Buffalo 💪🏼💯

  12. Im a Maryland fan so always been a bigggggg Diggs guy and I love blue cheese with my wings…sounds like a match made in heaven

  13. 2 INTs called back for penalties has been a big problem.

  14. I switched last minute, thank god idk what I was thinking

  15. Vikings have to be tipping their runs every time, right?

  16. Not even a vikings fan but have a lot of equity in them for fantasy. I love how you guys came out with like 4 down lineman while the saints bring out taysom and their biggest package possible on the goal line

  17. Hope you get shipped also today. I’ve been checking 5-8 times per day. For me it went straight from packaged items to shipped with a tracking number.

  18. Yeah I cant help but check multiple times a day. Do they send an email with the shipping info as soon as its off of packaged items? I cannot wait any longer for this deck lmao

  19. Got my shipping status email yesterday, its estimated to arrive by the end of the day!

  20. Do you have the ncaa 06 next mod installed? I should be getting my steam deck in the next couple of days and im dying to play this

  21. On this subreddit there was a massive post that had info and links for all of the major ROMS and now it seems to be gone…when I was doing research I saw a website called “Vimms Lair”, try to search around for it I’ve heard its the safest and when I was looking on it, it had damn near every game ever. I should be getting my steam deck within the next week so when I experiment on it ill try and remember to get back to you. Because there isnt any guides out there on the internet for how to download and run these ROMS since its a subject not really allowed to be talked about

  22. Salisbury graduate here, absolutely hated going there. Penn State is 100 times better than Salisbury, this is ridiculous.

  23. I consider myself and my group of friends to be better than the average player. We’ve always competed in prior seasons and have done really well. The last couple of seasons just havent been the same. Now that the game has been out for a handful of years, the skill level is just way too high. You have to play all day or just be exceptionally talented at the game to even enjoy yourself. Apex just isnt the same and I dont think ill be going back to it anytime soon, disappointing but its reality for me and my group of friends.

  24. But forreal it’s so weird how some people get glitch after glitch and some people get none

  25. Thats odd cause I havent even put much time into this years game and EVERY SINGLE cut scene like this has a visual glitch, its laughable

  26. Im right behind you, ordered on the same day. Still waiting for the email

  27. Too much imo unless you have loaded running backs even with Henry gone

  28. Im at 96% behind you. Praying today is the day!!!

  29. Hoping I get that email today. Last couple of drops have been stressful.

  30. Im down 1.5 with my opponent having dallas D, hoping for negatives

  31. Just when I was ready to punt Kyle Pitts into the sun, he has a decent game. Another 3.9 point performance and he’d better get his sunscreen ready

  32. I love how they just completely ignored him in the 2nd half

  33. As a Pitts owner and Seahawks fan I watched the whole game looking for Pitts. I think I counted maybe 6 snaps out of 24 he played in the second half. He essentially only played on 3rd down and red zone in the second half. Who knows why.

  34. Yeah half of the time when I was watching Pitts wasnt even on the field. They love giving Cordarrelle 30 touches a game tho

  35. Back to back identical first halves. Just getting absolutely dogged by the eagles, this is embarrassing as fuck

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