1. Zoom all the way and look at the frame, there are little .. and --

  2. My best guesses are that lieutenant and colonel mean the same thing in Germany, or that it’s just a discrepancy in the translation

  3. Are these car brake pads?

  4. Interesting because they do what they’re suppose to do?

  5. I thought it was interesting to see how much wear steel can have just by constant use, however I do understand that some people might not find it very interesting

  6. The pads are not steal, only the parts that don’t come in contact with the rotors are steal

  7. It’s a dinner plate for when the commanders hungry, duh

  8. can swap 2 for 1 from the others....

  9. No problem, just weird to get a notification on a 2 year old post lol

  10. deserved for having a hentai pfp, enjoy your new pomson

  11. Are you sure? It really shouldn't have. If it did contact steam support.

  12. first that looks like you are aggressively cleaning with a belt sander or something similar which is destructive as evidenced by the unreadable bits and you should not do that if this is a antique.

  13. all we have done so far for cleaning is a vinegar bath then scrubbing with steel wool (it’s my first time restoring and google said that’s a good way to remove rust) so I’m not sure how the letters got worn off and other blemish’s happened.

  14. well with vinegar you want to immediately neutralize the acid otherwise it will cause more rust, and you dont want to get it on any leather or shargreen washers/grips/scabbard bits. it has a place but usually causes more harm then other options as it causes more pitting then absolutely necessary and no one ever explaining the neutralizing the acid bit. water can neutralize the acid but then you need to remove 100% of it which can be difficult and baking soda does the job but can be messy, difficult to remove, and easy to miss neutralizing spots. isopropyl alcohol immersion can do a good job of removing water as a hydrophobic but is not good for leather or shagreen or wood and can be messy.

  15. game is designed to not be fun, only thing you can do is drop to a lower BR to try to avoid the uptiers or move to a higher BR to try to exploit them

  16. great... so to avoid uptiers i need higher tiers. but to get higher tiers i need to do well in low tiers while being uptiered.

  17. Wish I could help more but info in sparse outside of Japan, all I know is there are English menu translations (I think)

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