1. Bro I love Spartans and this is on another level!!!!!!

  2. It’s the most expensive kind of printing you can do for Lego. Printers are tens of thousands of dollars.

  3. well... there is a way to hand print I'm pretty sure but I don't know that much about it

  4. Sadly, the only guy CAC has from 41st at the moment is commander Gree.

  5. He has more than Gree, If you look deeper then he with have an ARC trooper, Recon Trooper, Walker Drivers, and lots more. Unless you mean non-camo 41st clones in which case idk if they have more than Gree

  6. Yeah, I know. But everyone, except Gree, currently is out of stock.

  7. Ah, I see. They restock around once every 1-2 weeks but idk if/when the will restock the 41st

  8. I recommend starting by following a few patterns if you haven't made a plushie before as it gives you a good idea of how shapes are constructed. And for a beginning to experienced sewer I recommend cholyknight/sewdesune:

  9. Thanks! I did see cholyknight when I was looking at patterns, so I'll give them a try!

  10. That fact that you make these yourself is mindblowing!!!

  11. I have him and he is really big and fluffy. If you can afford it then 100%, get it :)

  12. Yeah I did end up buying him and now I'm impatiently waiting for him to arrive

  13. You should try to add some named clones, but not high ranked (Hevy, Waxer etc)

  14. That is because they are ARC troopers. When they were introduced to us relatively early in season 2, they already had phase 2 armor, because these elite troops wore prototype armor. After a few more episodes, Echo and Fives get nominated as such. Also, Rex never changed his phase 1 armor. Even in Rebels he sill has it.

  15. Um they're not ARC troopers because 1. They're wearing phase 2 PILOT armor, and 2. They are pilots and ARC troopers aren't really pilots (Unless you could the pilots from CW 2003)

  16. I’ve had some variance in quality on my sitting cuties. I have a Larvitar with a mouth that doesn’t even come close to lining up, a Trapinch that can’t stand up on its own, and a Spheal that is very cute and looks great. They ARE on the smaller side and made more for decorative purposes. I personally prefer something larger and more huggable, but not every Pokemon gets made in a big and squishy plush form. I’ve been super impressed with all my Sanei All-Star collection plushies- they tend to run larger than the Sitting Cuties and the quality has been fantastic across the board for me.

  17. I think I have one of those but the prices are higher than the sitting cuties and I don't know if they have any in the pokemon center

  18. In my opinion, yes, but that something only you can really determine. I suggest you buy one and see for it yourself.

  19. I really like the look of some of them but I don't know how well they would fit in my collection, I have a few 12" tall plushies, and idk how well they would fit in because they are so small

  20. I love Dragonite sooooooooo much! And the plush looks fantastic!

  21. I used to use a LiveJournal called PKMN Collectors which was not foolproof for scammers, but had active moderation, blacklists, feedback scores, etc. I haven't used LJ in a long time so I don't know how active they still are, but could be worth a shot. I believe the founder, or one of them, was the person who ran Sunyshore (Gin/genkimouse).

  22. But be wary, such sites like ebay (especially ebay) have a lot of bootlegs. If you don't care about getting booties, than ok, but if you want authentic, just be careful. A lot of bootleg companies either use PC stock photos or have made well-made ones that almost look authentic.

  23. I usually look up the plush on pokemon center or the wiki and look at listings with actual pictures, If it looks like they match then chances are it's real. I also look to see if there are returns on the listings so if it's fake I can return it and get my money back

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