1. I want diapy rules. Training me back to dependency

  2. confession time; I dont really give a shit about MOASS anymore

  3. But if you could moass in the meantime... that'd be great. Thanks mmmmkay?

  4. Light up shoes! And cute raincoats! And basically all of the clothes in the children section at Target. 😂

  5. I’m looking into targets line item of adaptive clothes. Also getting plain onesies to decorate and make cuter

  6. Ideally, the printed fabric, but I like it. We have a community slowly growing, why not make sure they are dressed in their comfy ways. Everyday clothes one can wear both in public and at home.

  7. I see what you mean though there aren’t going to be many shops that are strictly sfw to do this. Like there are lots of onesie shirts I’ve seen on etsy that look like button down shirts! Even onesies down under Has a lot of nice plain ones for every day. I plan to make some for myself that have shorts on the Bottom

  8. Yeah, it's hard to find atm. Just kid based clothes in general.

  9. Awww goodness… yes little boys are valid of course they are! And no matter what colour you choose as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters!

  10. Interesting take. I think that folks that want to change sex and kill their own offspring are the biggest danger because there are zero other forms of life that do those things. Why would any form of life find ways to end their own procreation? This is NOT a political statement as I believe in live and let long as LIVING is the outcome.

  11. Yeah, in terms of control. I mean, like not one person, like everyone.. like you have just as much control as the banker does

  12. See, you say you're smooth but you drop a great point.

  13. Perhaps something we do later on? Like a nod to superstonk for being huge supporters of the game... when the game is already developed and in full swing. Also: I'm not sure if it would open legal loop holes during the great boom

  14. I'm not selling. The world will be better this way. A group of shareholders, the world indebted to, calling the shots. No more war, no more hate, no more division. Time to bring back family values, communities, and friendships long lost. Why should we fight each other? We should be working together to get to the moon and beyond. Not for your sake or my sake. For our species' sake, for the sake of all species on this planet as we know it today. We can't stop evolution, but we can sure as hell change the way it's headed.

  15. Learn how to put food on your own table. Start with that seed and, like the plant, grow.

  16. Duh soon people will be working g for food and shelter not money

  17. More off-road supercars, please. Cause snow-covered gravel roads with potholes 6 inches deep are more common than flat road.

  18. Just because it was an accident doesn't mean it wasn't criminal

  19. RC tweets are my drug... and I'm always needing another hit.

  20. So there’s a tug of war fight between algorithms of both buyer and seller of synthetics shares competing for the best price to get the share to be on their book, even just a short period of time while volume is low.

  21. Idk what you just said... so I'm gonna drs some more 🙃

  22. Eyes open for targeted ads on insta 👀 the ad content seemed very targeted (like couldn't say no without clicking)... all they wanted was:

  23. There’s some avian flu going around killing a bunch of chicken livestock apparently

  24. Huge last summer. Burnt 4 barns down cause of it. Ducks tho, not chicken.

  25. I trust etherscan showing the crime on a blockchain. it will never go away :)

  26. Trust me bro. MOASS TODAY. don't question it, I got it from an insider

  27. What you’re forgetting about is how much money was pumped into the system during and after Covid. We could go a bit lower from here but I don’t think we’re going down much more. The inflation of assets is what’s causing the distortion of prices in things.

  28. Alright... it's only been the intro. And I'm already liking the last of us

  29. At the franchise expo. Poor sons of bitches ain't gonna know what hit em next week

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