1. Hands down for me it was Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins.

  2. Scarlett Harrison Andrew The last three. Not meeting too many babies lately.

  3. I'll add another bird, Dove. I thought it sounded so lovely when I met someone with that last name.

  4. Omg! Thanks for the laugh! I'm laughing so hard I'm afraid I might wake up my husband

  5. Said the same thing to my husband! I can't stand the shout outs.

  6. I hesitate to suggest this as it's been panned on this sub for being inaccurate, however, if you receive it in the way it was meant in the context of the story, Kulti by Zapata has this. I thought it was cute in the context of the story and still do despite gaining the knowledge of the name not really being used as a pet name in the language. Also, for some reason my mind thought of Penny Reid's Beard Science. I can't recall any nicknames though and I'm being too lazy to look it up, but even if it doesn't have that, it was a good read and I loved the love match. Good luck with your search!

  7. I might need to read her novellas to get my fix while waiting for the release of Love on the Brain. I don't want to rush summer but really want to read it now.

  8. Same. If you turn it into a drinking game, you can black out and be in sweet oblivion before the end of each episode.

  9. {Beard Science by Penny Reid} has a couple of those scenes.

  10. Looked up top baby names in 2000 and plugged in about 25 of them. No luck.

  11. I agree. I like the dual POV occasionally, but I really enjoy the mystery of just the female POV and trying to decipher the MMC actions along with the FMC. Added bonus if once the MMC reveals his feelings, there's plenty of explanation about what he was thinking during previous interactions. eg "You always looked like you hated me!" "I hated seeing you with so-and-so, wishing it were me."

  12. I really love when the FMC gets sick and the MMC takes care of her. Bonus if they are "enemies."

  13. Yes! Especially when they get closer to realizing their true feelings because they care so much and just want her to get better

  14. Exactly! The Hating Game is my most recent read that has this. LOVED every bit of that part of the book.

  15. UK too! I want to give Penny Reid a second chance but I don't want to pay for it so this is perfect

  16. I really enjoyed this book. You have to suspend disbelief a bit regarding the FMC relationship with her parents but I thought there was good chemistry between the main characters.

  17. I’d love an app or kindle add-on that allows you to change the name(s) in a book. Feels like it should be an easy find/replace command. And the names so rarely mean anything or are integral to the actual storyline (and the author could indicate that so you know)

  18. I was literally thinking the same thing today while reading a book where the FMC has the same name as my daughter. I kept changing it mentally every time it was mentioned.

  19. I was going to recommend this! One of my absolute favorites!

  20. If you’re willing to go into PNR or alien romance then the fated mate trope is what you’re looking for.

  21. I might have try one out. Any recs for a first time reader of that genre with this trope?

  22. My sister knew a girl who was given the same exact name as her sibling who had passed. She told my sister it was very strange going to her grave and seeing her(the friend's) exact name on the gravestone.

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