1. We will get a lot more of Chris Pratt just using his normal voice to do other cartoons and because the rest of the movie is good and beautiful he will think he did a good job.

  2. It's about the hypocrisy of a degenerate if I'm not mistaken, the mechanic is upset that the customer wasted their life and don't have the skills to fix the car for themselves and they're running to him for help.

  3. It’s mocking another meme that’s semi-viral

  4. Info: how much of your day is calling people snowflakes and being distraught that they are confident or happy in their lives?

  5. Just be sure to call security so they can come and laugh at you because they for sure aren’t doing anything to help.

  6. It’s insane to me that 1/3 of them are practicing, meaning they passed the NCLEX. So schools main purpose is to prepare for that test and it’s not really needed, maybe we need to reevaluate how we asses for licensing.

  7. Generally impossible to answer because of about a million variables, but accounting most of them it’s more likely that you’d be the kid your mom had with another guy because women release 1 egg at a time (generally) to be fertilized. That egg is much more likely to become fertilized during a sexual encounter than the 1 of a billion sperm your father would release into another woman to compete for that one egg.

  8. “Do you get a lot of lovin with those whisker?” Context: I have a beard

  9. I will say my wife was very unhappy I had to shave it at the beginning of Covid.

  10. The fact he ever got another job in the NFL after that was wild to me.

  11. As a Browns fan I can say that our ownership doesn’t give a single F about whether one of their hires has any shreds of decency.

  12. Call your insurance company. They will have a list of local providers who take your insurance.

  13. Rally for what? Ohio legislators are doing everything in their power already to make sure all Ohioians are prepared to shoot up a school or kill someone because they honked when you cut them off in traffic.

  14. So this response was 3 days ago, and considering this tweet was from about 6 hours ago there must be updates.

  15. “I used to support the healthcare framework based on profit…” Welcome to the resistance! Sadly this is a very common mentality because many refuse to believe anyone who is actually working the job until they are there themselves. I hope you’re willing to change more of your opinions based on experts and not just bias.

  16. City of Columbus is on the slightest bit of a plateau so when bad weather comes, unless is overwhelmingly huge, usually breaks north or south of the city.

  17. In-n-out > Whataburger but entire list < Swensons

  18. With social media we know a lot more about people and I’ve found I generally don’t like a lot of them.

  19. 70east to 315 north. I hate they got rid of it and now I have to go all the way around 670 and back to get on 315.

  20. Official story basics: guy kills kid and flees scene. Claims self defense so Ohio criminal Justice system let him go. History of violence so he’s not allowed to have a gun, but that’s a federal law. Ohio is perfectly happy with known abusers having arsenals so Ohio has nothing to charge that against and feds have yet to charge him for the gun. Current status is waiting for the autopsy report which could take months to see if self defense is likely to possibly charge him again.

  21. Are you glad that most of the growth is moving eastward or would you prefer more over on the western side of the city?

  22. Atchaphoria- one eye looking at ya, one eye looking for ya (lazy eye)

  23. They came recently and we actually asked where they were during Covid. Her response was that her presence is very taxing on the hospital and a lot of recourses need to be put into a compliance visit and the hospitals can better use those recourses to care for patients and deal with the surge. She said during Covid they spent their time re-evaluating policies.

  24. But did they re evaluate their policies???

  25. She was very clear they don’t care about water at the nurses station. That’s state health commission or just hospital policy.

  26. Leaving the Pyxis logged in and unattended is bad form and could lead to issues, but none of the drugs there are controlled substances. Plenty of drugs are just left in a fridge available to anyone.

  27. For a city of our size, our airport is a tiny embarrassment.

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