1. Meanwhile Melia's page only gives us a sad look at her single bed.

  2. There is also art of her in her royal outfit without a mask that we never see art of in game

  3. I meant to write that there was no official art of her wearing that outfit maskless

  4. The "My Noah" scene still works imo, because Mio's first words to Noah after returning do also include her saying his name

  5. Have you finished every Quest? If you feel like grinding you can max out every class with every character and complete Soulhacker. Aside from that I think you're done

  6. I don't think that's Noah. I might be wrong, but imo it sounds more like Crys

  7. If there is any specific Master Art you want to have (Yumsmith as an example has a great Break art), try focusing on that class, aside from that just use which ever one you want

  8. They aren’t getting revived, they never really died outside Aionios

  9. I am so ready for a new wave of shitposts using the artbook

  10. Currently it’s own thing, but it could be revealed to be connected in X2 or other future Xenoblade titles

  11. I love how at first glance this seems like Noah's song, with the lyrics being about him losing Mio, but only after you know how everything plays out you realize it's actually N's song.

  12. And the ending song is from our Noah, so technically both lyrical songs are sung by the same character

  13. I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that this image will be some people’s first exposure to The Owl House

  14. No one responded, but I found out it goes away if you close and open the game again. Still don't know what causes it

  15. JSYK, posts have to be manually approved by mods to avoid XC3 spoilers

  16. Damn, half of my stuff gets removed without any spoilers. Why does this place have such oddly strict rules?

  17. It can take a few hours for stuff to get approved

  18. Xenoblade X would probably be my favourite game in the series if I had the opportunity to play it

  19. emulation is a viable option, even if it is piracy, soon you won't even be able to pay nintendo or monolith to play this game

  20. I 10000% support emulation, I just don't own a computer powerful enough for X

  21. Does Eunie replace the Mechon in this case? Does this scene end with Eunie shooting Mumkhar?

  22. Okay, with Edgeguard it's debatable. I'm not going to go into the reasons why, but you can make a good argument for both her being evil or her being good.

  23. Becuase God forbid women do anything anymore

  24. I'm wheezing in the train but well she also became a Mobius to attack the new city.

  25. I’ve been using this as a wallpaper ever since it was first found

  26. I can’t believe you just leaked TOTK’s first free update

  27. I haven’t played it yet, but I heard that Fogbeasts are very similar to Gnosis from Xenosaga

  28. We already have the Monado in the game, so we probably won't get Shulk

  29. Why does everyone hate Ghondor, she has 0 bad lines over the course of the game and the Side Quests?

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