1. Alec Baldwin's Tricky Balls

  2. Tbh though it would be kinda cool to see Americans agree this unanimously on anything.

  3. She can call herself whatever she wants, but in Japan she’s just another gaijin

  4. I have these IKEA pillow cases and inserts to match my silver gray Unhide. They're very cozy. Easier to wash than the blanket. But dog prefers the Unhide!💕

  5. Oooh I never thought of using two inserts! That must make them so squishy and lux!

  6. Sitting home being pissed off about my car getting fucked up doesn't pay the bills. I'd definitely take a day off for a broken face but I'd get a ride in after a rock to the windshield.

  7. Jovi came to the bar with receipts 😂 idk where he got this grudge against Andrei but I'm here for all that sass.

  8. Right? It's funny how they can see in the other what they can't see in themselves

  9. They’re not cheap tho if you consider the add ons. You have to pay for a seat and carryon😂

  10. You don't have to pay extra for "a seat," you pay extra if you want to choose your seat. Which is common for the budget tier of pretty much all airlines these days.

  11. Yeah, so why not kill her earlier then? You have to let cows mature

  12. Why kill her earlier? Why hold onto a dead, decomposing body? Wouldn't that leave forensic evidence on the yacht? Why dump a body that's been dead for several days? Wouldn't investigators be able to tell the body had started decomposing on land as opposed to in the sea? Why make 7 episodes when they could have made 1?

  13. Why kill her earlier? To get rid of her earlier, of course. If they truly were swindling only her, they sure spent a lot of money doing it. The whole trip to Palermo could have ended right on that boat with them killing her during the trip and then coming back to dump her with a lot of money and effort saved.

  14. Valentina because I'm socially awkward and my defense mechanism is being overly aggressive in situations where I feel inadequate. But under my crispy mean girl armour I just want to be loved.

  15. Corporations are weaponizing government institutions and taking aim at American small business. Wake the *uck up America! It started with China and the UPU. USPS as a government entity should not be able to offer any preferable discounts of any kind to businesses unless those benefits are available to all!

  16. Dude nobody gives a rats ass about coming after your small business. You're going rabid and you don't even have the facts straight.

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