Republicans block cap on millions of patients’ insulin costs

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  1. I didn’t do it right. I quit drinking, moved to a small city, and quit the band. I got involved in civic life to try to get my city on board with sustainability and climate issues.

  2. Congratulations! You can’t get much healthier than broccoli sprouts! I’ve been growing them for years!

  3. Then I'd be a Californian colonizing another state. Most other states do not like Californians these days.

  4. I’m an Illinoisan and I like Californians. Just so you know.

  5. It was designed as an antidemocratic institution. The states needed their special rights protected or they wouldn't join.

  6. Always a show at this corner! I moved away last year, sometimes I miss the absolute lawlessness of Gravois. I never saw anyone ever pulled over for any reason. There were rearended cars hanging out for a while, a derelict ice cream truck with its doors open for weeks, mopeds pulling bicycle trailers including passengers at high speeds, street racing, 4 wheelers, mini bikes. Drug deals at QT. Driving down Gravois during 4th of July is as close to a war zone as I ever want to get.

  7. I moved away from there 2.5 years ago and I agree with you on all freaking counts. Absolutely wild right there.

  8. I know what a bidet is, I've only seen them as a sort of hose connected to an existing toilet. Not it's own separate fixture like in the picture

  9. Given the choice, I think I’d rather wash up without getting up, and I prefer the hose connected bidet. Seems the least fussy of all the bidet options.

  10. How do other child-free Gen X-eras feel? I’m 49 and find it sometimes more interesting to talk to people younger than me. It seems like a lot of people my age are more conservative than me and my husband, and since we don’t have kids it can be hard to relate in a lot of ways. Anyone else feel the same?

  11. I went with my agent recommended lender because she knew that he would be dependable. It went well.

  12. 88.1FM KDHX, the local volunteer DJ donor funded radio station maintains a local concert calendar on their website.

  13. It's because there are millions of us, more like billions. We need zero population growth now.

  14. I moved out super young. Im 45 now, wit no kids. I think multi gen households are awesome and if a family has a good healthy dynamic, I see no need to have everyone split up, wasting money when they could be happily pooling resources and enriching each other’s lives. It’s a great development.

  15. I've never had any of them perform a refret but Gravity Strings, Tritone Guitars and Skip Goez are all solid bets.

  16. '76, no kids. My only sibling doesn't have any kids, none of our aunts/uncles have any kids. My husband doesn't have any kids.

  17. What’s the budget? I’d replace the windows with ones that went do floor to ceiling, or glass doors and do a very modern French balcony.

  18. Sometimes when I want dinner, but don’t really need dinner, I make a big bowl of popcorn and I was shoving big old handfuls into my mouth earlier when I was first reading about all of this. It was so great.

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