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  1. Size looks great! I bought the bigger size because I have 7 3/4 inch wrists but my issue was the band was too short with the smaller size which I think was 38mm? I bought the 40.

  2. Thanks! I do like it but it scuffs really easily and they give you some type of rubber tool to buff it out. Definitely not a watch I could wear all the time

  3. I had to stop what I was doing to admire that rear display case! Lovely jubbly 😊

  4. Love it! My most favorite looking movement is my omega aqua terra 8900 movement:)

  5. I have one of those too! They do look damn nice 😊. In my opinion though, very little beats lange & söhne for beautifully crafted mechanisms. I will have one one day!

  6. Yea that’s true. Love a. Longe’s movements. I think Vacheron is my favorite

  7. Phoebe not being so damn mean to Chandler! The more the show went on the worse she was to him 😂😭

  8. Talk to a lottery lawyer, talk to my financial advisor, start looking for a house and my dream car. Done

  9. I used to work for apple. Apple doesn’t change anything. They keep selling you the exact same phone. Apple needs to start changing something

  10. Tudor black bay Tudor black chrono Tudor white chrono Royal oak

  11. I have a Tudor black bay in bronze. Love it! Would still choose that Rolex. That Rolex has. A history behind it.I’ve vintage rolex’s

  12. Gorgeous watch! It depends on your everyday life. For me to wear that watch everyday, I would have to be in an office or be dressed the part however, I work from home and wear lounge wear everyday. My everyday watches are mostly sport watches.

  13. I wear a suit every day. People wear sport watches but I just don’t see myself wearing them.

  14. If you wear a suite everyday, this is your new watch! Blancpain is pure class and this is beautiful. Post pics when you get it

  15. There’s no way Land Rover is on that list. As a previous owner, such junk

  16. I’ve never seen that omega before. Really pretty but JLC’s are beautiful. I’ve always wanted one

  17. As much as I LOVE a lange, the Patek has so much presence on the wrist. I vote Patek

  18. I got to see some aqua Terra’s the other day. I like them more than the seamaster now lol

  19. I feel the same. Besides the newer bond version. That’s my favorite.

  20. I wanted the green one and I was in the store for hours trying to decide between the green and black

  21. Tudor. Finishing on the movement and case seem a much higher quality

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