What are teens today not ready to hear?

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  1. I'm not 100% sure on the white racism thing, at least not to the extent of the racism towards black people.

  2. I dont believe Racism against white people is a thing but people can be prejudice against white people which while often similar behaviour isn't the same thing. People need to realise there is a difference. However none of it should exist in this day and age. People suck.

  3. I ONLY tore my vagina internally. The trainee midwufe who did my stitches struggled because she had only done internal stitches with external tearing which made it slightly easier to get to.

  4. That they do not know everything and that they did not.invent everything. This isn't just today though, this is all teens forever and always lol.

  5. I think with cooking food they probably dis it by accident and realised it tastes better, lasted longer and made them less sick.

  6. Same. Im interviewing elsewhere right now. I had a doctors note, and appealed to the VP of HR. Wanted to work 4 days instead of 5... still 40 hours, just in a diffetent way. Was told no and dont bother asking again bc the answer will be the same. Alright... ✌️in process of now gettung documents for short term disability bc no one gives a shit and my health keeps declining.

  7. Like wise. I hope you find something that fits you better. We don't need to take crap just because it "inconviences" people. Being disabled inconveniences us (understatement much?) so if they aren't willing to accommodate us then somebody else will. Good luck.

  8. Yeah but I'm thinking more how long I personally could go without food before I gave in and ate something. Not something I'm planning to test though.

  9. I asked Sasha since she’s my car & would have a better perspective on this. She said YTA. Sasha also said cars need gas because they’re hungry, not thirsty. She thought it was important for everyone to know.

  10. Check out the brand Slø launching this month. Dude has spent forever researching to make perfect jeans (I've followed the whole thing on the clock app). Theure going to be expensive (for my budget atleast) but seems worth it. They're not gendered and are.done by measurement, have reinforced innerthighs and adjustable waistbands plus huge pockets.

  11. A friend of mine was murdered by her husband so myself and several of my friends.

  12. Bragged to me that she was sleeping with a married man just because she was pissed at his wife.

  13. I cant afford bookshelves at the moment and have boxes of books all over my house. I would be thrilled if somebody did this for me. Why all the hate?

  14. Yes….kind of! For me, it’s 1:00pm every day. I get sleep attacked and it’s very difficult for me to think unless I get a nap. Im not on any meds so it’s not a wearing off.

  15. If I don't have a nap for at least an hour around 1pm I will end up "over tired" at bedtime and just won't sleep. My brain just doesn't shut off.

  16. Go get your sperm count checked again. If there’s no sperm in your semen, I’d recommend a paternity test. If there’s sperm in your semen, ask a medical professional about next steps for potentially getting re-snipped or something.

  17. Agreed. I believe they can sometimes reverse themselves over time if things weren't snipped quite right so getting your count tested is the best move for now.

  18. Oroborous doesn’t like this one simple trick!

  19. If I ever become famous enough that people write to me asking for an autograph I'm so doing this.

  20. I had my son at the age of 23. Lots of people told me that I was too young. He wasn't planned and while I'm pro-choice I didn't feel like having an abortion was right FOR ME. I have a Chronic illness ans I get less able to do things every year. If I were to get pregnant now there is no way I would be able to cope with pregnancy and a baby. I am so grateful i had my son when I did. He is an amazing kid and I love him to pieces, even when he's difficult like all kids can be. He's old enough now that he understands I'm limited in what I can do and we have a great relationship.

  21. At the time I felt bad and that he didn't find me attractive. Sometimes when he rejected me I would keep trying and hope he'd change his mind. I look back now and feel ashamed of myself. If it were a guy behaving like that he would be considered a sex pest at best and abusive at worst. Whilst I would still probably feel the negative thoughts about myself if it happened these days I wouldn't push it and would accept that they weren't in the mood. My ex wasn't the nicest in a lot of situations but I was wrong to act the way I did.

  22. It doesn't quite fit but I hate when people say "I hope you get better soon". I have a Chronic illness that will never go away, infavt it will get worse as I get older. I know they mean we'll but it just shows they don't get it and it frustrates me.

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