1. If you’re a vet or indigent, you get an additional 20% off as well since discounts stack. I know that still doesn’t seem fair when you’re comparing to other states’ programs, but this is the best you could do within these particular parameters.

  2. Need that place to be close to me. Don't see any place stack discounts in Cincy.

  3. Dang, SSO is one of my favorites. Last batch I had was a half of smalls and the orangy taste it left made my mouth water. Smell of the buds was minimal until grinding.

  4. Triple Chocolate Chip if I remember right.

  5. I have to admit having indigent status is nice. On the other hand, my living conditions to gain that status isn't the best. One monthly check that wouldn't even cover my mortgage and utilities if I lived single. On top of back issues that have plagued me for years, forcing me to retire early. I've used MJ for my back pain for years. No way I could afford the legal stuff now without the discount.

  6. Citrus Crush by Hemma, half ounce. Wasn't sure when I bought this one, never tried Hemma. It's really good, less pain and great mind buzz. Buds are nice sized, dense and smell like piney earthy citrus nugs.

  7. Good deal if it still has any potency. It looks more like wax or resin though.

  8. Looks more like legal wording changes to clarify certain things. No changes for patients, don't know why it was sent to everyone.

  9. I've made edibles and tinctures. As long as I keep it for personal use no one knows. If there is a law against it, then why do they sell devices to make edibles?

  10. They sell psilocybin mushroom grow kits, yet its considered illegal. Capitalism at its finest.

  11. Yea, you're right. You can buy darn near anything anymore, legal or not. Just have to put the right words on it, "Not Intended for --- Purposes".

  12. What I've seen of "rough cut" buds here is they look pretty good. And I was thinking that meant the picker was visually impaired! LOL

  13. That should work. I use Dr. Solomon's THC rich balm. A little dab smeared on my low back eases the pain pretty good.

  14. Grapehead is one of my fav strains. This looks sweet.

  15. Tim what did you think of the Sticky Buns from Cokoh. I tried to find your review but I couldn't. Was it good as far as effects and bud quality. Im thinking of grabbing some today but I keep hearing bad things about Cokoh. Thanks for the response.

  16. Did you find Sticky Buns? I just pulled out the last of mine and remembered it came in a Chizle jar, not Cokoh. That's the one I was bummed over at first because 3/4 previous Chizle buys were bad.

  17. Sorry I was out of town. Sticky Buns was real good.

  18. That stinks. Someone not trained right?

  19. You can place an order anytime of the day or night online. However, whatever sale they are having that day is not noted until the morning. And these order systems are very simple and fail proof. When out of stock happens it’s typically because they manually do it. Like hey one of our regulars wants a certain flower but it’s out of stock. Well then just take it out if this guys bag. Computer inventory = never wrong. People inventory = often wrong.

  20. Whenever I try to order before opening at Zenleaf or Sunnyside it won't accept it. I get the store doesn't open until XX.

  21. A new version huh? Looks sweet. I loved my Uni Yocan when I was using carts.

  22. I'm seeing this post 4 months later and just wondering if now you still feel the same way about it. I've been timid to try Botanist flower but your review has me wondering if I should give it a go. Thank you.

  23. This is the only strain I've had from the Botanist. It was Good.

  24. Can you tell me if you ever ticture (everclear 190 proof) as base?

  25. Yes. It made a potent mix, but the alcohol taste was not pleasant.

  26. Thank you for getting back to me. I really appreciate you fir that. I just recently but looking at getting one and honestly can't really find much about it as far as real people experience with it. Have you found a way that works well for you as far as making oil potent enough? I do deal with alot physcal issues ,that's why I ask and again I appreciate you and thank you for replying

  27. No problem, glad to help. The best mix of tincture I've done so far was with MCT oil. If I remember right MCT oil will bond about 60% of the THC, Everclear is said to bond almost 90%. But like I said the Everclear mix was too potent to ingest, even after some doctoring. A batch of butter I did came out great, even using AVB. (Already Vaped Bud)

  28. I've never had a problem. When I'm in Mich it's to visit family so always stay a few days. Bring back 510 carts and flower every trip. 5-8 years ago a friend had a connection for good stinky flower, and always brought an oz back. Kept it in a sealed jar. No toking up near the border.

  29. Take ur ohio containers with you. Keep stickers attached. Switch canisters pre return trip...

  30. Hit the Citrus Crush this morning. Grinding the buds down made for some nice nose candy, smelled really good. The buds are solid dense and have a nice cure, not too dry, not too moist. My first toke hit me with a lemon, orange and grapefruit mix of flavors, with the lemon the strongest. Effects so far are great. Feel less pain and my body is very chilled out yet my mind is running on top speed.

  31. Thanks for your comments. I did pick up the Hemma Citrus Crush. All I've done so far is open the bag and smell it. Smells pretty good, and the buds are nice looking.

  32. Last time I had it I genuinely enjoyed it. Hated face on fire and both were pretty dry. Would get the citrus crush again though.

  33. Even if it's made legal, the cost to set up a grow space and produce decent weed is a good chunk of cash. I set up a grow room once. Cost a lot, had to maintain it daily, then on my second grow got bugs in the room. Start over.

  34. This system was eliminated in Michigan a few years ago, that being said, the black market is flourishing there. Ohio will never adopt a system like early Michigan days.

  35. Yes, the BM is selling more weed than the dispensaries up north. Last I heard they gave permits to caregivers. A caregiver is allowed to grow for a specified number of patients. A friend up there says all they do is text their person, tell them how much cash they have to spend, and about an hour later it's delivered.

  36. I've never had any luck with patches, even doctor prescribed 5% Lidocaine ones. I think the adhesive is why I don't like them. Best and cheapest thing I've found that helps is Dr. Solomon's THC/CBD Balm. It's available in both THC rich and CBD rich depending on what helps you. I use the THC rich type and a small dab smeared on my low back reduces my ache a lot. I've had a jar for three months and not even 1/4 gone using it a couple times a week.

  37. If you have indigent status every day is a sale day, there is no stacking discounts. Most you will get is 30% off regular price. I have yet to find a good time to shop, every time there are 10-20 folks ahead of me. I used to go 15-30 minutes before opening but still had 5-10 in front waiting.

  38. Living in an apt I used Ozium no scent. Many use incense but all that does is give off 2 smells. Always used the bathroom with the exhaust fan running and door closed. Now all my smoking is in our detached garage. Neighbors and people walking past might smell it but I don't care. I know the cop who sits across the street waiting to ticket someone running the stop sign smells it. LOL

  39. Are you old enough to remember when BIC lighters had a flame adjustment wheel? This cover is one I've had for a long time. It always sits in my mancave on the stash table. Really needs a good cleaning, but other than that what do you think?

  40. Like everything, owners want to make a million bucks tomorrow. I noticed prices in Cincy went up a few months ago. Seems back be back down now.

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