Felt like I was sitting front row at a low budget Michael Bay film

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  1. miz and greek have been flinging shit at each other for years now, and wantep ran into the fucking gunpowder storage with a lit torch torch

  2. Wantep was the orc with the torch charging into helm's deep

  3. Since this is Florida, they have to play Game 7 to carry the series to term.

  4. They'll be charged with murder if they don't

  5. That obvious chicken wing is what they're trying to argue? lol

  6. There already are many pro-choice people who own them, they just don’t open carry them in Walmart and make guns their whole personality.

  7. Signed into law by Ronnie Reagan

  8. What a weird ending. Never seen a pretty obvious goal be missed by everybody on the ice and the announcers for so long before.

  9. Stamkos just casually skating over and covering it with his glove

  10. Has Igor let in 7-0 in the playoffs?

  11. I had some sympathy for him facing losing three straight finals but all that’s gone after that

  12. Legit almost every ref is a former professional/junior player. What the fuck is everyone in this thread smoking

  13. I think what op means is former nhl regulars. Most refs weren't regulars in the nhl.

  14. Cause they know how much shit refs get

  15. I thought this was common knowledge, but then again I grew up near a place that sells really good furniture and also sells super expensive sheds

  16. Or someone bought it and returned a block of wood for a refund. That shit happens. I don’t know this company though, or how it handles their returns.

  17. This was so public though, if they are actually allowing wood blocks through still at this point that would be more scandalous. This is basically unverifiable though.

  18. I'm referencing the fact that the open box part was never even checked when it was returned originally. People don't know whether or not newegg has actually changed, cause shit like this isn't exposed unless it happens to someone relatively well known (like GN).

  19. I got up to get a drink and they score right after I'm out of the room. Looks like I'm have a good night

  20. The fact that people complain about a home crowd disliking calls against the home team is just sad to me at this point being primarily a hockey fan.

  21. Deere was a sponsor of the Canes for a long time. They built a factory and offices in the Raleigh area around the same time when the team moved here. Our Olympias had a Deere paint job for nearly a decade in the 00's and beyond, but Deere pulled the plug on the 'ship sometime during our 10 year playoff drought. Anyway, here's wonderwall

  22. Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you

  23. I’d be making that same face if I payed what they payed for those seats

  24. I would've had to drain my savings for those tickets

  25. Oh God, not too many men calls again. Learn to count to five boys!

  26. This Downeast Blue Slushie is fucking amazing

  27. I wonder if these conservatives dumbasses even realize that gender affirming care also includes things like low testosterone prescriptions for cis-men…

  28. Or estrogen for people in menopause.

  29. The branch at the school I went to got kicked out for branding pledges.

  30. Probably base without it, which makes zero sense to me. Eyesight has saved my ass on more than one occasion and is well worth the price.

  31. Love love driving my gf's car cause of eyesight. Only downside is there's some roads near me that it really doesn't like

  32. They weren't saying "Hang Mike Pence," they were saying "Hey, Mike Pence." Can't even greet the vice president anymore smh.

  33. That Cernak fall was kinda hilarious. Just kept one leg in the air.

  34. An NHL ref was forced into retirement for being caught on a hot mic saying what Javie admitted today.

  35. I thought NHL refs were bad, wtf?

  36. Those guys literally peaked in life at 23 unfortunately.

  37. Love no replay on that Trouba hit

  38. I'm watching the SN feed, only saw the trip but maybe I'm just oblivious

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