1. My brother in Christ. You solved the issue for me along with the guy in YT comments. Awarded all that I had. You are the champ!!!

  2. THANK U i did all the instructions above and it worked!

  3. you're welcome.. i have been looking for a solution for weeks, i'm glad it's working for you

  4. sorry for the bump. can i ask if you were experiencing power spikes before or if you still do with the cpu? mine spikes to full load 250watt for a split second whenever i launch/load game and sometimes it just does for no reason resulting in my aio pump going off crazy for split seconds.

  5. that's quite normal i think.. i play Apex Legends and for some reason it asks for 100% power upon launch.. and my HWIFO would log faults and the game might even crash on start it i had an unstable underclock

  6. well that sucks to hear. i upgraded from 7700k and that was never an issue... made a mistake not researching enough i guess.

  7. it was probably doing the same on your 7700k just that the power usage was never as high and the temps might not have went high enough to cause the pumps to kick in

  8. i got it last night and checked, it was indeed WD SN770 2tb, mine shipped from Hong Kong.. i wonder if it has something to do with batches from different factories..

  9. yes i've been using it and testing it out, it can be a bit on the toasty side at 20W+ and using it handheld, but generally for older games (which i mainly use the WM2 for) 15W is enough and doesn't get too hot

  10. I've had the exact same problem happen to me just a week ago. I've looked into this on the forums and found the following:

  11. So my Deathadder v2 pro started doing this a bit, and I restarted my computer and flipped it on/off a few times and it started working as normal again. Are you saying this might just start doing this indefinitely?

  12. from the posts I've found and my own personal experience, none could recover the mouse back to a functional state once it occurred so yours is something different/new.

  13. I've had the exact same problem happen to me just a week ago. I've looked into this on the forums and found the following:

  14. Late response since this is my alt, but you described my problem in perfect detail. Can't RMA it since it's been 2 years and some months since I got it lmao.

  15. yea that would be my main concern: having this happen once my warranty ends. i can accept a faulty battery, or switch, but having a weird "common" unrecoverable and unexplained fault that bricks the mouse after awhile.. that really burns the bridge with Razer..

  16. I've had the exact same problem happen to me just a week ago. I've looked into this on the forums and found the following:

  17. I've had the exact same problem happen to me just a week ago. I've looked into this on the forums and found the following:

  18. i can't tell clearly from the images: is this usable without mounting? could i use it just by placing it on a desk, or would the tension be too high and the base would go sliding away?

  19. I have decided to get the small amount with a less stupidly large cost to weight ratio by using a freight forwarding service.. I figure that a small amount would go a long way and last many years even if I have to reapply therefore I will just bite the bullet and order it

  20. I don’t know about the NXT in particular, but I believe people have often used normal white lithium grease on other HOTAS. Which you can almost certainly get anywhere in the world for pretty cheap.

  21. thanks for your reply, but yes I am looking specifically for heavy damping grease for my NXT.. on a side note I wouldn't use lithium grease on HOTAS as I understand they are petroleum based and would ruin plastic/rubber parts over time.

  22. fooking end yourself with this title, lmao

  23. That's why Im a bit confused :) Why the need to bypass SteamVR? From what I know, DCS natively supports Oculus with no need for SteamVR to be involved...

  24. I'm far from an expert on the matter as I've only recently touched on the subject myself, I use an Oculus Quest 2 and the few games I play on my PC using Oculus Link always launches SteamVR and it is independent of whether the game is bought in Steam or not. SteamVR is the layer that connects the Oculus headset hardware to the OpenVR SDK/API.

  25. this is using VR, so movements are 1:1 with my actual head

  26. Some context in case people are wondering what this is about:

  27. For the OP to take note, this is a good laymen explanation.

  28. Reopening my investigation into this issue I have been facing for a good FIVE years

  29. I’m about 99% sure what you’re hearing is coil whine, which is a physical phenomenon (components in a power supply vibrating due to magnetic forces), not something that would usually be coming from your speaker drivers. That said, in the case of a turntable I suppose it could potentially make its way into the audio signal, because of course a turntable cartridge’s whole job is to convert physical vibrations into an audio signal.

  30. i hear the beeping/pinging in my headphones from the turntable, portable turntable, and cassette player though, and the sound is very unique.. a beep.. followed by a louder beep.. followed by a higher pitched beep.. and there are pauses in between.

  31. I tried recording with a PMD420 and the record button stuck in place. I set it aside and haven't messed with it since. D5Ms are so much better in my opinion.

  32. interesting, that is such an unlikely opinion, Mr. TC-D5M!

  33. Edit: It definetely affects SR gain/loss, but not as I explained before. So thank you for correcting me.

  34. yes I initially thought it was due to me being A class but then I noticed lots of C or D guys getting big deductions in SR as well and I went searching for an answer online and found the boxthislap site's explanation..

  35. The Vee races are fairly short and tend to have lots of incidents, especially on the first lap. Lots of rookies in the races who’ve not perfected their race craft yet plus as soon as you lose it slightly it’s very hard to catch with the lack of any aero.

  36. I understand the correlation of SR to number of corners and it is exactly as you say.. short races = tough on the SR if mistakes are made, and oh boy are they made.. a lot..

  37. I figure I'm looking for something along the lines of this:

  38. Oval isn't too bad, because you don't actually use a whole lot of steering input or need a high steering lock. Drifting and Rally on the other hand uses much more (modern rally cars using around 540 degrees). I've seen some people do rally on a formula style wheel, but they set it to a very low wheel rotation. This would make it not only unrealistic (if trying to be authentic to real life), but also very sensitive.

  39. ok I have fixed it on my own, apparently I followed a guide online to install the latest version of CSP and I indeed selected the latest one in Content Manager that was listed as 'untested'.

  40. Ask on some popular Facebook groups. Someone will know for sure!

  41. Steam games are installed to your PC, so you need your PC to play them.

  42. I always buy my games on Steam just in case I move on from Oculus to a different brand headset. That way I can move my library to the new headset. If you buy on Oculus, you are stuck with Oculus

  43. i understand in this case then you will only be able to use the headset when you're close to your PC, correct? you won't be able to do much with it if you bring it out of your house?

  44. some updates, I got the L-band v2 patch antenna and I got NOTHING from Inmarsat 3-F3, 3-F4, 4-F2, 5-F4, and 5-F1 in SDRuno using my RSP1a

  45. Its not so much the series of satellite, but your location.

  46. Is it worth it to reflash the BIOS even though I have an I-8700k? I know I won't benefit from re-bar but maybe in the future, I'll upgrade my mobo and CPU. Should I do it now or wait? I haven't had a single problem (knock on wood) with my 3090 Aorus Waterforce Extreme. 🤞🤞🤞

  47. it depends on your motherboard, i use a 8600k with a Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 and they released a bios that supports resizable bar and it shows as enabled now in GPU-Z and Nvidia control panel sysinfo

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