1. Am I dumb? What happened to that 20 tier event battle pass? I figured we could complete it this week. It is gone now. Please help my tired little brain.

  2. Gotta love how 343 not only has the option to sell us visor colors, but now they have a limitless amount of visor designs they can dish out - the whole cosmetics shitshow in this game is so fucking unbelievable. It's as much of a vehicle to sell skins as it is a Halo game, and seems to have been that way since launch.

  3. The article is about 2019 figures and Apple at trial pointed out that the calculation was not correct.

  4. The vast majority of mobile gaming happens on iOS devices. Apple takes 30% of every transaction on that platform. To say they aren’t by far the largest player in the mobile gaming space is, at best, ignorant.

  5. But Android is far more popular world wide, how is the vast majority of mobile gaming happening on Apple?

  6. You can go through my comment history and find similar comments on another thread.

  7. I liked it, at first I thought it was ok and then it got better. Funniest moment was when he found out that she was trying to break up with him. The zoom in was so funny actually shocked timing like was in a bollywood movie.

  8. All admits are required to watch Seasons 1 through 5 of The Wire.

  9. Trading places, Wall Street, The Big Short, and Margin Call. Watch all those and you don't even need business school

  10. Keanu is a great guy, but he felt wooden for 99% of the movie.

  11. They'd already moved on from Spider-Man by then. Two of Nolan's batman films had been done, and we had the entire first X-Men trilogy done by the time the MCU kicked off. Help, sam raimi's spider man movie wouldn't have happened if the first X-Men had tanked.

  12. Then why didn't Dr strange 2 hit a billion? it had it's trailer tied to NWH.

  13. DS2 would have hit 1B if the movie was better liked.

  14. I said Wharton because your title makes it seem like the scholarship was from some rando school. If it is an M7 then just take the full ride.

  15. Yes, however - An MBA in particular isn't that much about studying and test taking abilities

  16. We tend to have stacked extra circulars as well. Most top students do infact.

  17. I just saw John wick 4 yesterday. It did not need to be as long as it is, the story it told could have been done in a much shorter time span.

  18. Yea the action was cool but the story didn't have to be that long.

  19. the only time he killed in Osaka was the samurai fight, and even that was probably not intentional

  20. Is is especially true in #4 outside of the fire breath and blind guy scenes.

  21. White women also tend to be the biggest beneficiaries of diversity programs.

  22. this is what confuses me about AA. like, why does it hold urm’s to a lower bar?

  23. The idea is that URMs are in worse areas with harsher living conditions and terrible schools. A lot of people think schools are pretty equal but as we have seen with covid a lot of poorer districts in the US are resource deprived. The result of policies though tend to mean richer URMs gain more of an advantage.

  24. I loved the first one, but when the reviews for this one came out, I just haven’t been as excited.

  25. It's slightly worse than the first but if you liked the first you will like #2

  26. Maybe consider pinning a post to the sub about this. So more see.

  27. Is China increasing their foreign film quota? How did this movie make it in?

  28. Personally, it sounds like another McKay joint where he uses a potentially interesting premise as an excuse to make a very smug yet surface level critique of US policy.

  29. Yea he's been trying to capture the lighting in a bottle that was "The Big Short" for years but he hasn't been able to replicate it yet.

  30. Can't wait for the subtle commentary and quippy dialogue as he tries (and fails) to capture the same energy as the big short again.

  31. Can't argue with good reviews, but if the movie's hilarious they're doing a good job of not giving away any of the jokes in that trailer

  32. Seems like the movie will be great and i hope it does well but man I always cringe a bit a trailers like this.

  33. The Flash is A-tier to DC comic nerds. The general public barely knows who he is.

  34. ? The flash is literally one of the most known heros lmao. This thread is literally the first time I've seen people say he is lower than A list.

  35. I wouldn't go so far as to call The Flash A-Tier.

  36. Wow. Is this just a waste of time to watch? I was thinking about it but all these reviews are so bad haha

  37. It's slightly worse that the first one. If you liked that then you will like shazam 2

  38. Dude that is the weirdest Insta account I've ever seen. Either she is schizophrenic or she just reposts every trending thing she sees, because there's tons of stuff before and after the 1/06 post in support of BLM, gay rights, wearing a mask, etc. Doesn't seem like the kind of person who would be pro-insurrection.

  39. Even the 1/06 post says she didn't agree with the idiot that got killed.

  40. You have. Multiple times. Admiral Wulf Yularen. Anakin’s fleet commander and eventual Imperial Officer. I think he popped up in Rebels.

  41. They also retconed him as one of the officers in the ANH Vader choke scene

  42. Look at west harlem and "south harlem" 116th by Fredrick Douglas/adamclayton powell, Manhattan ave is solid.

  43. Not nearly as cheap over there as East Harlem.

  44. Depends on OP definition of cheap/budget but it will prob be more.

  45. You are literally just making shit up.

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