1. Hear me out here, the person does kind of have it half correct. Sure it can be both males and females that rape someone, but it's not the other person's fault due to what they wear. Some things may be more revealing then others but that doesn't mean they are asking to be raped, some people just like wearing things like that.

  2. She has everything mentioned on the site and I forgot to mention her water is being changed today so it's lower then normal.

  3. It's kind of sad to me because I'm just like welp another one happened and I think its stupid that stuff like this is happening but to answer the question I'm not worked for myself but for places near the previous shootings.

  4. Am I just stupid or did people actually land on Mars?

  5. Kinda looks like larvae of some kind maybe maggot

  6. Could it be a fruit fly? I have a few of those

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