The faces of Egyptian kings and queens as created by AI

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  1. I would have given you mine.. damn. I gave all of my stuff to my brother

  2. Lol where the hell do you work?! Fish and chips, generally speaking, is the same state side as it is in the UK; at least from my experience

  3. As an American in the UK right now, how does British food compare to American?

  4. Well actually, nvm lol didn't realize it was on you and not your merc. My bad

  5. There are quite a few redheads in the near east, Levant, and in North Africa- but it's a different kind of red than your Celtic ginger. Google "Pakistan red hair," I went to school with a few of these.

  6. A deep dive into ancient history suggests they (not entirly aure who/all of whom) also had blue eyes, which is mind blowing.

  7. rvf says:

    I don’t know about Egyptians, but there is evidence that very early Europeans (7000 BCE) had dark skin and light eyes. Cheddar man is believed to have had green or blue eyes and dark skin.

  8. There's an anthropologist that I follow who goes into more depth about it, granted I take it all with a grain of salt. But interesting none the less. His name is Robert sepehr on YouTube. Interesting shit

  9. And here I am..running chaos and I've had 3 drop in probably about 500 total runs

  10. If definitely has value but personally, if I was spending a Jah on something I'd want the res to max. Granted, that's me ans 100% people would still use this for a dream. Res is still decent but you won't get much for this

  11. This is worth more than an ist in my opinion and people peddling tradier are crazy. Ripping people off

  12. If that's the case, this thing is worth like maybe a ber. I had a 5 nado, sexy thing. Sold it for at the time 2 ber. No way this is fetching that much

  13. Inverness. Funnily enough it’s actually a pub and not even a pizza place by trade, but their pizzas are the best in town. Fire up here and try a smoked venison pizza 👌

  14. Damnit lol I wanted to commit to going but it's so far north from me currently!

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