1. oh no! the fbi now know i hate cops! damn! i was tryna keep that a secret!

  2. Yes, you said/did something that I didn't expect you to do: keep this fight going

  3. What? I meant the irony was you should've have did a uno reverse to me too lol

  4. I'm not one to stoop down to low levels nor judge others for aesthetic decisions

  5. and thats the distraction. She's so adorable but deep down she wants those knees

  6. Enemy is not handled by physics (which is why they can walk through something that doesn't have nav) and instead "attached" to navigation

  7. Yeah, no, buddy, I gotta disagree, love my frogs and small quality of life updates. Just because they didnt change the world gen doesn't mean it's automatically unenjoyable for everyone. Also, 1.20 is still in early development, what we've seen so far is great and there is more to come!

  8. No you just dont get it!!! You gotta hate modern Minecraft because old Minecraft good new bad!!!

  9. I cant even count how many times I've seen this exact same post

  10. Well it makes sense if you think about it, village bells are not normally obtainable by the player unless through villages. Maybe it's the cost of doing whatever it is they do to get their hands on that bell?

  11. I think lorewise they can craft or idk depends if you take 1.14+ cannon or pre 1.14 villagers cannon (who you might aswell take 1.0 villagers cannon troll)

  12. Could be used for a lot of games especially bloxburg and other games with ai, you should publicly release the script for content creators, id love to see the ai physics in newer/older games

  13. Also no offense but AI in Roblox is really simple to make it just some people are so lazy they need to download some mod or some shit and put that into their game instead of making their own

  14. Im glad they did, EP's legacy wont have to be ruined by whatever update that may or may not ruin game, just let it stay as it is

  15. I can prove Its the most common wireless ip address so technically it has a 80% change if being the ip of one or more devices in your home but no one can do anything with it 😂

  16. It won't work you need to turn of the device for 5 hours and it will reset the ip

  17. I have not looked at 096 countless times and I don't hear some weird stampede getting closer and closer to me

  18. I didn't play this modded heist yet so no info onth is one

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