I am a menace...

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  1. If I'm correct, you don't need to install BalenaEtcher, you just download it, make it executable and run it. It will automatically ask you for root password when needed.

  2. Very tactical actually, just shoot the wall, and, because of the knife, grenade will stay on the wall, increasing damage

  3. Actually I remember now, I was going to the aircraft carrier and didn't want to get shot down. Although I might've been shot anyways

  4. If I remember correctly, it beeps if you get close enough to carrier, while in the air

  5. Ah yes, that overheating device, that can brick any moment

  6. Just some guy that does peaceful (towards other players) stuff. Like auto shop car delivery, or assassination contract

  7. It's usually happens with apps that have old SDK version on a newer android versions

  8. this seems unnecessary, if someone has gotten into fedora I'm sure the first things they're going to get are those packages, drivers etc

  9. Install stock fedora then? I don't see any reason not to. Also, what about people that don't like/want/know how to set up wine, obs and etc.

  10. It's already available if you use XanMod kernel, but it's a bit unstable now, I get error when launching War Thunder with 5.18 kernel, with 5.17 everything is fine

  11. Try searching for kde desktop package and delete it. If any apps left installed, delete them the same way as kde desktop. For kde connect features use

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