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  1. I don't see why so many of you are arguing the ins and outs. It's either true that legally he declassified them and had that power, or he didn't.

  2. I disagree that the question is whether he had declassification authority. Even assuming Trump had the power to declassify all the documents at issue, and further assuming that he did properly declassify them, the


  4. It’s like she’s got a little doggy secret she can’t wait to tell you!

  5. I love 5E, but I’ve been playing a PF2E campaign for a few months and I’ve gotta say I love it just as much if not maybe a bit more. Never played 3.5 or PF1E, but from what I’ve seen they probably both have more math/crunchiness than I’d find fun.

  6. I really liked the Teri Hatcher episode. She really got into the concept of the podcast.

  7. Just think of the miniseries names!

  8. Years ago, I was working as an extra. I worked on Larry Crowne for around a week as one of the college students. One day we had a lecture hall scene (with George Takei—fun!). Once we were all placed in our chairs, Hanks goes to the front of the room and talks to all of us. Says he’s glad we’re here, thanks for working on the movie, here’s what’s happening in this scene, we’ll all have a good day today. Nobody before or since had taken the time to give a pep talk to a throng of extras. We were mostly treated like meat. (Example: “Do not make eye contact with Mr. Boreanaz.”) Years later, I remember that day fondly—though I never ended up seeing Larry Crowne.

  9. I’m pretty sure Kevin Smith is basically penciled in, probably for Raimi.

  10. I’m so thrilled about the return of the bonkers J. Lo romcom. The sweatiness delights me!

  11. I love wearing merch the day after the show! Hail yourself! I’m into that Tobias painting you’ve got too lol

  12. I hope it's Dimension 20; I also saw Ify and Aabria were recently added to the crew of Mother Lands RPG, an all-black afro-futurist RPG show, so he could be referencing that, but let's all cross our fingers for an Autumn of Ify with him appearing everywhere he can!

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