Capturing light at 10 Trillion frames per second... Yes, 10 Trillion.

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  1. “Whenever you reverse, things come from behind you.”

  2. That’s why the streets over there are so g’damn clean.

  3. I disagree, hopefully he will and - reform as John Connors aunt.

  4. So how does something like this work? Do you create a new “class” with 20-30 of your own pictures in a class folder? Sorry for the dumb question but I’m super new to this.

  5. I trained a model with 20-30 pictures of our own on Google Colab, the CKPT file that it generated after 90 minutes is the basis for generation of new images based on our 'style' where we can play with initialization images, prompts and all the other variables.

  6. Gotcha. Is it possible to then create another CKPT file with say 20 of my own face/body pictures , “on top of” the CKPT created of your own style and then use the new CKPT with prompts? Basically I want to generate pictures of myself only in a particular style. Dont want to create random styled images of myself.

  7. Yes, but you'd run your CKPT "on top off" a trained textual inversion CONCEPT of your own, which is your own style.

  8. I'm so loving this. The boy wonder who desperately would love to be seen as a tech innovator like Gates, Jobs and Musk. But is only known for copying, stealing and buying innovations and of course destroying the world by disrupting the social fabric with his polarizing hate for profit platform. And now this thing, if the kid didn't have a controlling share he would be ousted long ago for his lack of vision, it's dead on arrival.

  9. I've added it to the Phil Harrison list. Every time that guy job hopper shows up I'm pretty sure the gaming service he promotes as the next big thing is going belly up within a few years.

  10. So if I could stop time, I wouldn’t see a damn thing, or at least, as Mufasa used to say “everything the light touches if you don’t move, is your kingdom”

  11. The silenced generation, I don’t know, whatever.

  12. Hehe, ah well, you know how the human eye can’t perceive anything more than 30-60 fps anyway, I’m good ;-)

  13. Your human eye might not, but I do notice it right away when switching between 120 and 60hz

  14. Got to make sure his watch, ring and shoes are in the pic as well. Flexing so hard his soul will get cramp.

  15. This! In the full picture you can actually see his AMG G-Klasse and I believe a Lambo as well, hard to tell from the angle.

  16. Is Snoop Dogg a Rapper? I thought he was just a musician or singer

  17. Yes! It works fine using the hepburn3d community layout on the Steam Deck. It uses the left touchpad for access to nightvision, grenade launcher etc. I uploaded a video and some shots here:

  18. I play with the Anomaly mod on mine, it works incredibly well with really good performance. It is a bit of a hassle to install though.

  19. Wow! Haven’t tried it, looks indeed like a pain in the butt to get it up and running.

  20. Thanks!! I was very lucky to actually find the real '90's one and not the reissued one that is also being sold everywhere as a vintage one.

  21. When I first started in the working world, I worked with people whose names were Tom, Maria, Linda, Ed, etc. Then it became Kyle, Taylor, etc.

  22. “Those are not real names!” - George Carlin

  23. bet you anything that 10 times out of 10, Nicky, Vinny and Tony will beat the s**t out of Todd, Kyle and Tucker.” - George Carlin

  24. I assumed someone’s gender without any problems.

  25. Meaningful career my ass, don't we all end up the same if we're lucky ? in a wooden box decaying in the ground?

  26. Yes, we are not beautiful and unique snowflakes; We’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else; We are all part of the same compost heap; We are just the all singing, all dancing, crap of the world.

  27. A heart that's full up like a landfill, A job that slowly kills you..

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