1. Thanks, but we can-and should-get out of that caste/put everyone in a box with a label mentality.

  2. Oh I agree. We can’t turn those instincts off, but we can choose to behave in contrast to those instincts.

  3. Yet we have the power to decide what we will or will not do.

  4. Yup, I agreed with you on that front both times. Sorry if I was confusing, I find psychology and sociology fascinating, like to share the “how’s and why’s” of behavior, and my brain hurts.

  5. He looks like he could be brother to a wonderful appy boy I had. Did the same thing but loved covering my glasses with an entire nostril and then would stand there fogging it all up lol! Gotta love them so much

  6. Nope other than allergies that started after puberty I was a pretty healthy kid. Having 4 siblings meant that illness (flu, strep, colds) was constantly getting cycled through the family but I always was the last to get sick and it was always mild compared to the others.

  7. You're a very fortunate exception.

  8. I mean it makes sense when I consider what is the likely cause of my fibro - either genetic or autoimmune connective tissue disorder. Doctors are still working on the root of it.

  9. How dare you consult the dictionary to find out how it's actually pronounced??

  10. It is a word I have never said out loud though I always thought of it with the hard “g” because ‘jif’ to me meant peanut butter! I also say “im-jur” and not “im-a-jur” so I’m far from perfect lol

  11. Me! I’m still trying to figure it out. Have my eyes on a set of clover amour hooks for my right (I may be trying the vet wrap and KT tape solutions in the meanwhile to pad my hook) and I am looking at getting some oval 8 finger splints to prevent hyper-extension once I get on SSD.

  12. I have a finger splint, which does help some. I just tend to forget about it until I'm already in pain!

  13. I do the same thing. I’ll just end up pushing through until someone reminds me of my tools like my heating pad and meds lol

  14. I’ll sometimes get “blueberry muffin” phantom smells as a pre-migraine aura. Never had a taste one though.

  15. How (and how tightly) are you tensioning your yarn? It shouldn’t be hurting your hands like that :(

  16. Honestly, it’s probably my disability (Fibromyalgia and hypermobility). I have no issues with tightness and my stitches look good, and I don’t have pain with worsted or bulky yarn.

  17. CholyKnight’s pdf instructions specifically have a diagram to show you how to lay out your pieces on the fabric for cutting. (I haven’t made the memory panda yet, I’ve made a ton of her patterns). It will show you if two cut pieces need mirrored or not.

  18. I just got it for the first time (on day 3). It started just like a fibro flare too!

  19. It’s likely just omicron. The throat pain was brutal. Also, my fibro pain lessened considerably during my stint with the rona. Small consolation but it wasn’t the worst thing. Get better soon!

  20. I almost wish it was strep cause I respond quickly to antibiotics. My fibro pain and fatigue are gone but my throat is killing me. I’m nursing popsicles as even the lozenges aren’t numbing it

  21. So I gained about 25lbs while on lyrica/pregablin. Some of it was the lack of activity due to pain, which stabilized once I was able to move again, some of it was the meds. It made me want to snack ALL THE TIME. I had to really watch my snacking, particularly the sugar cravings.

  22. Yes it did for about 2 years and then my symptoms of brain fog and pain started getting worse. At the time I didn’t realize I had dysautonomia and hypermobility so I kept pushing myself. I weaned off it when my doctor suggested medical marijuana instead which has helped without the side effects and I’m slowly starting to lose the weight.

  23. I've had my garmin count mine as steps! Yep, totally walked that many steps lol

  24. So I think I see where one might think that, particularly if english is a second/third/fourth language, but no that is not what it means at all. Hypermobility means that a joint has a larger range of motion than it should. Hypomobility means a joint has a lower range of motion than it should.

  25. I use two different tinctures: 1:1 cbd/thc for daytime to help me rest and relax to avoid PEM, 1:8 cbd/thc for sleep, it’s the only way I get deep sleep and REM sleep anymore due to my chronic pain.

  26. First, I had to look up what pickleball is because my only reference was playing pickle as a kid (basically two "safe" bases on either end of a running strip and everyone sprints between the two while others try to hit them with thrown tennis balls (you switch between runner and thrower if you get nailed)).

  27. Hypermobile, fibromyalgia, and orthostatic hypotension (similar to POTS but with a blood pressure drop)

  28. Oh wow good luck! That will be a huge relief. Was the process really grueling?

  29. It hasn’t been too bad yet, more a disappointment because the lawyer was right that I wouldn’t get it at first solely due to my age (she said if I were 10 years older I would have gotten it easily). It’s frustrating waiting for their office to finally send us a date for the hearing more than anything. I’m lucky I was able to land back at my mom’s when I lost my job (again).

  30. That’s horribly stressful. You’re younger than me, but I was just getting very ill at your age so I know how that is.

  31. Fellow writer here, I feel your pain. The brain fog is unreal! Been stuck in a developmental edit of my book for nearly a year now (I have to add scenes to flesh out certain parts with the bad guys). It’s a nightmare being only able to work about 20 minutes before I mentally crash.

  32. Just reading through these and wanted to throw a digital hug your way. You seem to have a positive attitude and I really hope you get to enjoy yourself.

  33. Thanks! It's certainly been a rollercoaster and I've had my down days for sure. I just keep going in the hope that I'll achieve a decent status quo. I won't be able to go back to where I was before, but I don't want to hate where I am at either. These chronic syndromes/illnesses/disabilities can so easily drag people down, we have to help hold each other up :) I hope you have a great day!

  34. Main hand: Carian Knight Sword/Black Bow, Offhand: Longbow/Silver Mirror shield

  35. It depends on what you're looking for in a cane. I ended up getting a hurrycane as it checked my boxes: went short enough, foldable/collapsible, and it can stand on it's own (mostly, I need to get new pads). Plus they come in metallic colors (mine's purple!) that look neat. You can also customize your cane with stickers or fun duct tape, etc. My only complaint is that it doesn't work so well on uneven ground (think nature trail walks) so I also have two walking sticks for those.

  36. Depends on what the pain is from. Just like handwriting, if we don't use those muscles/tendons in that way regularly, it'll ache as it's a new activity you're not used to. Those micro-movements are still muscle building. Try breaking a session into multiple smaller ones with breaks in-between to build up your stamina and strength.

  37. I use Garmin products and don't find them entirely accurate, or accessible(see naps). They have great GPS and activity tracking and keep time and my heart rate tracked fine but I find it's self learning with stress levels to just be meh.

  38. Of course! Good to know and I was wondering about the floors climbed thing lol I don’t really use it for working out so it doesn’t bother me.

  39. Thanks for the update! I’m so glad you mentioned the hungry/not hungry thing. I totally get that too, and never put it together that it was a sign to rest.

  40. I half wonder if it’s a nausea that’s so mild it’s more like my body can’t figure out if it’s hungry or not. Thankfully salty broth tends to fix it

  41. Interesting, keep us updated about your progress please. Would be great.

  42. Will do! It's already yelling at me when my stress spikes and I'm able to see my heart rate spike upon standing (working on a POTS/OH diagnosis with my cardiologist)

  43. I really hope to get this soon. Have you had any other watches? I'm currently using the samsung watch and it also tracks stress, which has been helpful and I am wondering how different the vivoactive 4s really is. It's supposed to be better, I just wonder if it really will be helpful or not (tv example, my samsung watch says no to tv like my body does).

  44. This is my first one and I've only had it for two days but it's pretty darn close to the heart rate/O2/pulse monitors they use at physical therapy. It does seem to be pretty darn close for stress tracking as it'll record it before even I notice I'm tense/shallow breathing/temperature shift. Body battery is also a really intriguing feature. Both days I've been read at a 34 which makes sense as I'm currently in a mild crash from spending christmas with my family over the weekend.

  45. Ask for a differential diagnosis if they don’t outright say anything about EDS. Contrary to popular opinion, it is a BAD idea to go diagnosis shopping and asking for a specific diagnosis. Instead of specifically mentioning EDS, consider asking the provider if it’s possible you have a connective tissue disorder.

  46. Yeah I may do that when I try to find a doctor. My PCP agrees with the diagnosis but she's not comfortable making the decision so she tried to get me into the genetics department to rule out the others but they refused to even possibly see me.

  47. My PT did the same thing and he contacted my doctor himself to get me diagnosed after doing the beighton score with me.

  48. My problem is according to Beighton Criteria I’m borderline because it doesn’t take into account my shoulders, hips, SI joint, and ankles

  49. My dad wasn’t but my mother is extremely and I seem to be average lol

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