1. U/DKRULL883 U/CBM2bot trade complete, everything as advertised

  2. Mass effect trilogy, besides the ending of 3, god tier games.

  3. U/CBM2bot U/Tinyrick15 trade complete, all good to go.

  4. transaction complete, everything was as advertised!

  5. Huge! Been looking for my first plates, this is the way.

  6. This is a "caught in customs" Norinco 84s. Any questions just ask. I know way too much about Chinese AKs

  7. What do you mean by caught in customs? First Chinese ak, don’t know much other then they are well built.

  8. That's what I figured. I always assumed it was bubba'd and not a factory dust cover, until now. Lol

  9. Lol yeah it’s in the process of being unfucked thankfully

  10. Lots of people? Chase is an overall WR1 player.

  11. Exactly I think it’s a fair trade but I’m trying not to get fucked over

  12. Walker and Hopkins for chase? I’m panicking

  13. Any word when this bad boy is getting out of beta?

  14. Awesome can’t wait to give this thing a shot

  15. in for an 18" .308, great deal can't wait to build this thing!

  16. The pen gun, mightier than the sword. But show me a sword gun then I’ll be impressed

  17. Im debating doing the air dry cerakote on mine. I have 3 other Glock frames I’m going to test. One will be truck liner, the other will be engine enamel, and the other will be cerakote, and im going to drop it from 4 feet to test what breaks

  18. Definitely make a post with the results, very interested in what you find!

  19. Looks great! Do you have the stl files for the guns you printed?

  20. ij70 says:

    knock yourself out:

  21. Looked this up for the one I inherited very interesting stuff.

  22. Akfiles probably does, someone always has something for grabs there.

  23. got what I was looking for on there, thanks for the suggestion!

  24. Century arms wasrs/imports are great. Century arms AKs that they build themselves are garbage.

  25. For future reference how do you tell the difference?

  26. I still need to do that to mine. How much did it cost you and how did you find someone qualified to do it?

  27. the conversion was around 2.3k for the unconverted saiga, parts, and labor. Found a guy through a friend and he turned out to be a great dude. So pure luck lol

  28. Rails⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️.... Found out it's actually better

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