AP NewsAlert: Joe Biden Elected President of the United States

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  1. It’s getting close 💍 time and I’m hoping someone more experienced than me can answer a few questions I have.

  2. It depends. The deals I’ve seen range from 5-15 years

  3. In theory but the lawyer will cost more than it’s worth

  4. The reason I am a pro se is I can't afford an attorney. The trial court judge didn't recognize obvious material disputes and disposed of my case.

  5. Is this an efile case? It’s not showing up on NYSCEF. NY supreme?

  6. Wait, is this the guy from Odd Lots?

  7. Nothing, unless you lease says otherwise or he can’t find a tenant at a higher rate

  8. For Co-ops in nyc the taxes are incorporated into the monthly maintenance fees. For condos it’s just normal property taxes on each individual tax lot. You can search the property taxes for a specific unit on the DOF website. Most new construction condos will however have a tax abatement of some kind

  9. Strongly suggest going with a MacBook Pro instead. Having an iPad during exams is a pain in the ass versus a laptop

  10. Not really. It’s a know thing that China messes with dissidents here

  11. You’re fine. Spend the time with him. If you really feel the need to study spend an hour in the morning before he gets up for the day

  12. You likely need authorizations for these. Is this a PI matter?

  13. I’m imagining one of those guys walking up and down the subway making announcements to all the passengers.

  14. Sounds like you found a fun activity for this weekend

  15. Richard freer makes the corps videos for Barbri those are good

  16. how do I get it? I went on their website and it keeps directing me to get their bar review

  17. First, you’re fine just take deep breaths. If you’re a 1L then you might want to focus on getting the black letter law down. Try signing up for the free Barbri 1L mastery. Imo watching an entire semesters worth of classes over is not a cost effective use of your time

  18. Housing should be affordable because there’s lots and lots of landlords trying to rent lots and lots of units and so the market rate is low. Special programs you need to apply for and get lucky are not the answer.

  19. More supply is the only thing that will lower rents long term. We need a million more housing units

  20. I agree. We aren’t going to get there if every new project has to be painstakingly negotiated as to the number of set aside units, the tax breaks, the zoning waivers, and so on. Any project that create net new units (i.e. not knocking down a 15 unit building and building 8 floor through condos) should be fast tracked.

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