1. Top! If TOG's OP wasn't done by Stray Kids, I would have never gotten into them.

  2. If you are already with Freedom and are paying monthly, can you still get on this plan?

  3. Just got finished talking to a live agent, new line activations only and the 50GB is renewable/year.

  4. Maybe try TMU's BM or BTM program. I think BM is pretty underrated. Not sure if they accept low 80s but if you push your average to mid 80s, you'll have a pretty good chance. There a lot of buses you can catch from Bramalea GO that go to Union as well.

  5. They don't have coop. You'll need to find internships on your own or you can go on exchange!

  6. Nope, 0 connections or alumni from my hs that I know of that went into the business program I am in.

  7. Maybe something like Guelph would work? York would be a reach but you might be able to get into their regular BCOMM stream. I'd probably do some research on OUAC on unis that except mid-high 70s tbh.

  8. Schulich doesn't care from second-hand experience. From the others I have talked to at Schulich, a lot of people private schooled either their Math or English marks and got in.

  9. Same for uni y'all. The people I am surrounded with surprise me with how intelligent they are and their high marks. Kinda makes you question how you even got accepted lmao.

  10. There isn't a first come first serve batch. They are only two rounds. One in March Break and one near the end of May. I'd probably apply ASAP with a polished supp app that is checked over beforehand by other people.

  11. Some people have heard back in the winter break if they applied before early-mid November. It’s an exception though, not common.

  12. It is only 105s who hear back in the Winter due to them needing the time to apply for visas and stuff.

  13. I didn’t like the album at all except for 3racha and danceracha’s unit song and title track Case 143 it’s cute and catchy

  14. Really surprises me how this album sold more than ODDINARY. Imo, it is far better in every way to Maxident, but hey, to each to their own. I guess new Stays might like Maxident more hence the huge increase in sales?

  15. Gotta agree, once I watched the MV with it, it was a little better but the first time I heard, "Can I be your boyfriend," I cringed. I prefer the B-Sides. Some parts of the song are honestly really good and then other parts make me question why they didn't put a better song as TT. Chill reminded me of TMT so much and would have been a better TT.

  16. Good to hear that the "Can I be your boyfriend?" wasn't just me who was caught pretty off guard by it LOL. I guess their main demographics are teen girls soo... probably that is why they added it! I think it gets that much cringier when you aren't obsessed with idols and are only in it for the music.

  17. 89-91 with a really good supp app imo. Anything above a 92 should be fine with a decent supp app.

  18. thanks for the reminder OP to crack my knuckles

  19. Hopefully Stray Kids takes a stop in Canada sooner or later :o

  20. The problem with asking about bird courses on this subreddit is that everyone goes to different schools which means the teachers will be different, and they are the biggest factor on the enjoyment of a course. The best way to know if a course is a bird course is to simply ask your peers or any seniors that graduated, not people who went to different schools.

  21. Call IT, you'll be at max waiting in for 10 minutes before someone answers. Emailing will take way to long.

  22. Fuck yea bro I'm pumped. I even made a journalling system and an everyday tenative schedule for my days at uni. I wanna ace this shit.

  23. Underrated post. Hopefully you keep doing them for future months!

  24. Nope! As long as you used the STAR method for each experience and tied it back to how it can be applied to business, you should be good. If you want me to take a read, DM :)

  25. You will get much better advice in a subreddit such as

  26. Just search up "Image to JPG converter" online and it'll become s jpg image!

  27. Here are some songs that I think are similar to the ones you listed!

  28. Thank you! Loved the Easy recommendations and Save by NCT 127.

  29. I second this.They have a lot in common.Don't forget Wonderland too

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