1. Dude... I am in the same boat as you but just not from Toronto and somewhere else in the GTA. Finding a job sucks especially seeing 100+ people applying to the same position on Indeed. I really don't know what else to do. Finding a summer job seems impossible lol.

  2. Yo Massive Ws on that, getting the Governor General's Award from your own school alone is a huge accomplishment. Nice work OP!

  3. There is competition outside this subreddit and

  4. I'd probably be worried if Grade 12 Religion is in your second sem. I know for a fact there are early admissions for Schu (March Break) and Rotman (January-Feb). So, if that mark somehow shows up in your top 6 until your Sem 2 midterm marks come out (April), you might be at a disadvantage for early admissions.

  5. Honestly, I applied to way to many safeties this year and could've saved like 85% of my money. IMO, Ryerson's BM and SAF are the only really good safeties. Mac Business 1 is also a good safety as well if you do the optional supp app. Schulich, Rotman, Laurier are 50/50. Specifically Schu and Laurier, a lot of people with high 90s apparently got rejected from either not having a good ABS from Laurier or a good video/written supp app for Schulich. Ivey and Queens and McGill are Tier 1 so... expect mid-high 90s as a recommendation or maybe low 90s only if you have a stellar supp app :)

  6. I'll be honest, from every post asking "Will x Grade 11 Mark Matter?", most people say no and move on. However, it might depending on your course schedule.

  7. You can just ask your guidance to move the English class to first sem, it's not set in stone. I moved a ton of courses this year multiple times

  8. The leniency and helpfulness from guidance can sometimes vary, but, if OP has helpful guidance, this is a good suggestion if he can explain his circumstances well

  9. Schulich is your best bang for your buck imo. It has the cheapest tuition costs and is somewhat in the GTA as well. For commuters, it is a plus since most people here live in the GTA (GTHA). Rotman has higher tuition prices and increases after Year 1 and isn't direct entry unlike Schulich or Laurier as per example. If you are planning to work in Canada and don't have the IB or bust mindset, I'd see it as a good investment :)

  10. bro an entrepreneur and a hustler, I rate it

  11. Whatsapp is apparently huge in some universities

  12. Just note that this list will heavily vary depending on your teachers and school lol. What is written as a bird course here could be the hardest course ever (in my experience, BBB4M1)

  13. all these articles must be a lie because no way in hell is there a job shortage the way I get ghosted for evert application rn LOL

  14. idk if this advice is useful: but for me, not a single place I applied for contacted me back until I called them asking for an interview

  15. Hmm, I might have to try that as a last resort. Just gotta build up the courage against the fear of rejection lol. Thanks for the advice :)

  16. Copy the link of the page that has VSB open with your schedule and bookmark it.

  17. Advice coming from a Grade 12 non-Engineering student here, but many people get admitted and get used to the workload of university in general through peers and advice from upper years. If you keep up a good work ethic and have good time management, being in AP/IB doesn't really give you an edge into surviving any program in general.

  18. Honestly, if you have an Android with a capability of having a SD card, get a cheap 64GB MicroSD card and store all your media and music on it when you are at home. It'll be completely offline access and will help you choose a cheaper data plan of a gig or two if you are only checking Google Maps and stuff.

  19. Honestly, get a ThinkPad from eBay/Kijiji and upgrade the RAM to 8GB or 16GB of DDR4 and upgrade the storage from an HDD to a SSD. Those things are durable and long-lasting. A bit heavy but good bang for your buck on a budget!

  20. I had to pay a deposit of $300 for YorkU. Took five business days to show up on my YorkU Student Account lol. Transaction was done with a Canadian bank. It might be more or less depending on your uni. I'd probably wait 7 business days before sending an email out to financial/undergraduate services ig.

  21. This post feels like this is me but in an alternate reality. I also was stuck with GTA schools as I couldn't live on res so Queens and Ivey was off the table. I did get into Schu HOWEVER, Ryerson BM is a great backup. It is really really underrated imo. Like another commenter said, they accept way bigger loads of people than Schu, Rotman, Ivey, etc do. The coop there is fantastic from what I have seen with the promotional materials and YT videos they put out. If you go in with a positive mindset and don't mind working with the Big 5 banks of Canada, you'll be doing fine. You make the best out of the program. They have tons of supports I feel like anyone can captalize on at BM.

  22. Pretty sure it would be Schulich since it consistently helps people land jobs in the Big 4 accounting firms and has great connections/alumni network. And... it is significantly cheaper than Rotman as well!

  23. Ended up taking MODR 1760 as it interested me and there were a lot of positive reviews on the course! Thanks for the help :)

  24. I took GEOG 1000 but there may be easier ones out there. Also idk how much the course has changed since I took it 4 years ago.

  25. I might consider it but the course description seems a bit boring. Mixing religion and geography seems like a snooze but I shall research it more. Thanks for the input :)

  26. Rejected as well big dawg, was expecting it though. Keep your head up King/Queen.

  27. Also, about the whole Asian Mom thing, show her one of the YT videos Rye has on BM. They show how strong the coop is and perks of being a TRSM student lol

  28. Lmao she has somewhat agreed to TMU after I told her it was pure business there while Waterloo was business with other concepts (environment).

  29. ohh nice nice, have fun in first year then lol

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