1. Wait what this is so advanced? 🤣 Like I don't even quite understand what they'd be writing in the threads, is it like in character??

  2. the way I immediately knew what show rarietty is talking about 💀 They're called SMAUs (social media AUs) are keeping me alive right now! Most of them are told via screenshots of texts sent between characters interspersed with screenshots of in-character tweets. Some people write bits of prose in like a notes app and post those, others rely purely on screenshots of fake social media. It's a fun genre!

  3. The cynical part of me hopes this drama will bring them more viewers

  4. I haven't watched them in years but this got me back into their content lol, glad to see they're as hilarious as ever

  5. Felix gotta go next bc they promised to die together sorry I don't make the rules

  6. love "diaphanous" even if i never get to use it lol

  7. Same here! I'm so attached. It's going to be so different when Engage comes out and the fan creations for 3H starts to slow down. I think that's what I find the most upsetting, but at the same time maybe that means the Discourse(tm) will chill out lol.

  8. modern au with super wholesome vibes, i.e. the feeling of staying up late with your best friends talking about everything and nothing at the same time; laughing till your stomach hurts, finally stopping, then laughing again when you make eye contact; falling asleep next to the sound of a campfire and a guitar and soft voices

  9. I love Iggy! He's a sweetie. I've saved him in all my playthroughs bc I can't bear to kill him lol. Plus I think he has one of the best VA performances in the game. Christian LaMonte did an incredible job voicing him.

  10. THIS IS SO STUNNING. Just looked at your twitter and saw how much work you put into this omg you soldered like 600 lights?? My jaw is on the floor. Incredible work op!!!

  11. I'd love to see a golden route. I don't think it would "ruin" the story since there is no canon plot! You can keep your endings where half the cast dies, I'll gladly take a story where everyone lives happily ever after and gets along!! I don't care if it's not realistic or gritty or whatever, I just want all my babies to be happy.

  12. I have several! Keeping them all to Houses though, since I haven’t finished Hopes.

  13. These are all great, especially the one about Byleth dating students. As someone who's done a lot of teaching it makes my skin crawl. I can only get around it if I think of Byleth as a self-insert and I'm shipping the student character with myself lol.

  14. The "we are adopting everyone with mommy/daddy issues and giving them the parents they deserve" house

  15. This is Fire Emblem we’re talking about. Family issues are a staple, along with dragons and dead parents

  16. Dalgonas are fun and quick and you can find recipes easily since they were trendy during lockdown!

  17. which internships did you apply to? i applied to all things considered, here and now and throughline and haven't heard anything

  18. Shortwave/ed desk and science desk/visuals! I also haven't heard anything yet.

  19. I want a golden route too, and my reasoning is as follows:


  21. I never realized how many times they said fuck 😂

  22. AHHHHHHH OKAY OKAY so they wrapped filming s1 in September 2021, the show came out March 2022. That's like 6 months of post-production. So if they film 3-4 months from October to December/January, that means.......a June/July release???

  23. I've seen so many tweets about how he went around high fiving cosplayers and how he was SHOCKED at the thirsty af reaction to his skinny jeans bit. I am SO happy for him.

  24. I don't like the way the show handled Stede's kids. Kids are sensitive, intuitive--they wouldn't just magically be okay after their father ABANDONS them. That shit would leave lasting scars. Also Alma is like.....WAY too mature for her age. How did she go from "I don't want your old food!!" to "I think it's pretty sick actually" overnight?? I hate when kids are written as ~super mature~ bc it often it's just a way for a writer to excuse the fact that they don't know how to write kids lol.

  25. Idk as a kid who was abandoned by their dad it wasn’t as unbelievable to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I was some super mature kid, but when it came to my dad I definitely grew up pretty fast bc of his bullshit. He abandoned me, came back for a hot second then abandoned me again without so much as a hint as to why. I didn’t warm up to him right away when he came back, and by the time he took off again I had only barely decided to give a bond with him a shot. I don’t think I would have been particularly fussed if he had been open and honest about why he couldn’t stay. When he did run off again, I kind of just “shrugged” and was like “welp that’s what dads do so, wasn’t expecting much.” So you’re right the scars are there, but those scars kind of protect you from getting your hopes up. Now granted, I was prob a little older than Stede’s kids, but for sure not a fully mature adult.

  26. Good point here! But I think it does matter that Stede's kids were kinda young though, and it seemed (from the few scenes we saw at least) that he had a pretty good relationship with them. So I think it had to hurt at least a little bit when he was gone suddenly.

  27. Coming back to this post bc I'm re-watching 10 right now and I just noticed Frenchie, Roach, and Swede arguing in the background after Izzy tells Lucius that Blackbeard is asking for him. They're trying to get Roach to clean up Izzy's spit up coffee (tea?? idk) lmfao.

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