1. Is that from the fan made games on the Google play store?

  2. Nah it's called HoloCure. A Hololive themed fangame based on the gameplay of Vampire Survivors. It's entirely free, and like 5x more addictive then the game it bases its gameplay on.

  3. Meanwhile I have all but Moomers and Irys. Sitting here with 2 Bae's, 1 Kronii and 1 Fauna and 5 Sana's

  4. Actually Ame is surprisingly very effective

  5. see i thought this would be good at 1st, but then i realized it's not a normal plain hotdog. it's a fucking chili dog.

  6. Hey i recognize the ones in the 1st link! They were worn by the guy cosplaying as Yu is Pero-

  7. -A lot of people will tell you to stick with the same party members throughout the game.

  8. Yeah in your 1st playthrough you want to see how they each play. But 2nd and further playthroughs I'd say you want 1 team so that you can spend all your efforts maxing them out and getting them to their best power.

  9. I have no clue what this means, but I guess the game will teach me at some point.

  10. Wait to do Marie's link till the killer is revealed as the game gives you the time to do it

  11. He does this pose in the original games opening animatic. Before releasing his arms and showing off Izanagi.

  12. Iirc her name is Chibidoki? I haven't seen anything from her in a hot minute so memory isn't the freshest, plus I didn't watch her as often as others.

  13. Small question. For the true ending of p4 (not p4g) Is Ameno-sagiri the last boss? Or it's izanami. And if it's izanami is there any requirements to fight it ?

  14. Izanami can only be fought on the last day, the requirement for reaching must be visiting the food court after saying your farewells

  15. Personally I didn't play around with chie a lot, she didn't seem fun for me, but she is SIMPLE, not EASY.

  16. Qui-Gon, who actually died from a simple lightsaber stab, watching the events of this series as a Force Ghost: "I have never seen such bullshit."

  17. Well he doesn't use rage or any traits of the dark side so of course he doesn't survive it.

  18. Its not really racist to say a country is horrible lol.

  19. Ok? Anyone could? I see people calling countries horrible all the time on reddit, it’s not at all racist to do so

  20. Oh yeah I know, but I'm saying give it time and the commenter might have different colors

  21. I'm gonna say that the Rwandan Genocide, the sheer efficiency of it all is terrifying.

  22. He also recently made a little movie which was brilliant:

  23. definitely not more emotion than the Mustafar foght

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