1. Me: oh god she's going right for them this is gonna be brutal

  2. Yeah if you’re stupid that’s what happens

  3. I hate capitalism, as a socialist. The corporate millionaires get to sit pretty and get rich and not deal with these rude "customers". Instead their exploited employees who make barely anything get to deal with the mental torture of dealing with Karens every single day.

  4. Random charge from UBER. And was instantly refunded but missing 11 cents. I've heard of this happening to people. Uber is stealing.

  5. you should absolutely call support , sit on hold for an hour and demand your missing 11 canadian cents. Give those f-ers hell. How dare they.

  6. I know it's 11 cents. But if they do this to lots of people it REALLY adds up and they should be held accountable, but not in a capitalist society that looks after the corporations.

  7. Well as long as it’s fine if you have the money… Jesus Christ dude.

  8. Please don't use the Lord's name in vain, but I agree with your point.


  10. Warning anyone, this person sells content and is just posting these to bring attention to her adult content and try and get money out of you.

  11. The first thing you have on your profile if your cashapp, and then adult content posts. Clearly we know what you're up to on here.

  12. We all need happy wholesome moments like these in our lives.

  13. This is why the US should go to war every decade. The world would be better off exchanging casualties just to weed out these creatures before they grow old enough to reproduce.

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