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  1. I looked at OP's profile, and they seem to be very much right-leaning and anti-furry so I don't think reading comprehension is their strong suit.

  2. Ouch, he doesn't seem like a fun person to be around.

  3. Get that commie-propaganda out of this subreddit!

  4. It wasn't the Ukrainians who gave the tank its name.

  5. The military? No. The politicians? If they had dug in their heels, they could have potentially BEAT Germany in 1940

  6. I'm fairly certain they chose to surrender because they didn't want to experience another massacre. I don't think that makes them cowards.

  7. Oh okay. Thank you for making this beautiful artwork.

  8. They gave them iron so that they could remain neutral. Otherwise they could have been a target for a potential invasion.

  9. And how do you know all of this? I died long after the Tiger E had been destroyed by another player.

  10. After reading all your comments it is easy to say that you are not a good player

  11. Understood, I'll mark it as NSFW immediately.

  12. I wonder why WT doesn’t have the real reticles for the tanks

  13. Me too. Fortunately, there are historical custom sights that can be downloaded from WT Live.

  14. Here you can download a pack including the sight used on the M4:

  15. So what do y‘all think about the KF51 visually? I’m sure that operationally, it‘ll be top of the class, but it’s kinda...ugly? I hate the look, although the cringe digital camouflage has a big part in that

  16. I agree with your statement. There's no doubt that it'll perform well in combat, but it looks ugly as shit.

  17. That shit happens to me with Venezuela, everybody starts "oOoHh ChAvEz ChAvEz" dude shut the fuck up

  18. What's the context behind "oOoHh ChAvEz ChAvEz"? What does it mean?

  19. Because every fuckwit I've met abroad who knows Venezuela exists automatically associates it with Hugo Chavez (RiP bozo)

  20. Holy shit, that's a B-25 Mitchell crashing into traffic.

  21. I would bring Rommel from the dead to show him this and watch his reaction (and kill him again afterwards)

  22. "Weaponised autism". God, I love that phrase. Is it okay if I use it myself?

  23. Uhm, didn't Sabaton release a song titled "Wehrmacht" years ago?

  24. How much SL do you have right now and earned over the whole time?

  25. Currently I got about -1 430 751 SL in War Thunder. I don't know how much I've earned totally, I'll check next time I'm playing WT.

  26. Oh thank you. My most played vehicle is the Panther Ausf. G and I have 550 (I think) battles with it.

  27. The comedic timing is perfect, in my opinion.

  28. Probably they though it was actually racists and genocide denial.

  29. Perhaps the real racists were the friends we made along the way.

  30. Fucking hilarious, fucking magnificent. You're the hero we don't deserve.

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