2023 NCAA Tournament Guide

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  1. Wow, legend. I've never had someone block me like that, but ive had people threaten to break my camera if I film them lmao

  2. I had someone say that to me when I was filming a wedding once. It was super weird because he kept being very adamant about not being on camera and kept trying to talk to me and wanted copies of the footage before I sent it to the bride and groom so he can make sure he's not on was super weird.

  3. lol i would have told the bride/groom to calm their boy or i'd leave.

  4. Yeah in hindsight I should've. Nothing ever happened and I did tell them after the wedding. I just didn't want to interrupt their night was all.

  5. It's a great song but also the most overrated

  6. It's "Einstien" people cmon now haha

  7. It's down to 6.5 now as of 4pm eastern

  8. No, you're looking at total games for both players. You want under 12.5 for just Sinner.

  9. It must not be available in NYC cause I can't find it anywhere. oh well

  10. If I had to guess ima say, Mid summer to late fall

  11. The difference is that not a single law has been made since the beginning of this country restricting Christianity in any way shape or form. Meanwhile lower class, women, minorities and LGBTQ communities have had to fight since the beginning of this country for their rights. And every. Step. Of. The. Way. It’s been an uphill battle against who? Christians!

  12. You're absolutely 100% spot on. I believe the problem with how it's addressed is a different subject matter. We've seen the headlines when it's a black church that gets shot up in SC, or a white gunman or cop shoots a black person. But it is very interesting that when it comes to a shooting that involves a white Christian school, the color of skin is no longer important when it comes to how it's addressed in the media.

  13. How come a cappuccino effects me differently despite having less mg of caffeine than a 20oz cup of coffee?

  14. The fat, protein, and sugars from the milk might be altering the way that your body is absorbing the caffeine, but if you take your regular coffee with sugar I get the real culprit is a sugar crash.

  15. Ok. That makes sense and the milk was my assumption. That maybe because of the larger amounts of milk my body was digesting the caffeine slower?

  16. Definitely agree. I've really enjoyed my experiences with SMB2 and SMB3 and would love to see the same in SMB4.

  17. Preach haha. I'm pessimistic about SMB4 in general (EA) but I've enjoyed being a fan of the game since smb1 and a quiet lurker on the sub soaking in people's creations and the crazy ass gamers who take the time to compile in depth analysis on every team and share it. Lots of cool stuff.

  18. Libya was the turning point in how I viewed my own government...

  19. Do you have any books or articles you recommend where I could learn more about this?

  20. John Woo Stranglehold. If anyone remembers that game.

  21. Haha I also second this. I mean you can get pretty damn creative with how you handle the boat loads of enemies

  22. I'd recommend John Woos Stranglehold. Highly recommend actually. It's an Xbox 360 PS3 era game. But it's a great shooter that makes you feel super badass as you can jump and dive across tables and shove objects into enemies and enter into your slow motion power ups and it's just a fun game where you feel like a badass and can get creative with how you wanna shoot up l bad guys by the hundreds.

  23. No more JL and Stevie Stone. Unless they decide to do another project together independently but that stuff costs a ton of money and as unhappy as strange music artist have been I think after they leave they realize how much money it costs to produce albums of such high quality.

  24. I just started listening to it. Thank you for bringing it up so I could come across it.

  25. Sweet! Hope you enjoy it man it's a dope album

  26. Just watched John Wick 4 and it's the best one. Hands down. One of the best action movies ever.

  27. Haha, you wouldn't be able to help increase the sample size since we'd be making the same bets

  28. Well...I'd like to make those bets is my point haha.

  29. Haha, yeah, I got your point. I'm hoping to be successful enough to be able to make a lot of money betting that I don't have to sell any picks. I just want to stay under the radar.

  30. Lol he was like, "nah I don't like that ball"

  31. it's the simplicty of the map for me. has a certain charm to it that we'll never get again. I was playing fortnite BEFORE there was even Junk Junction and Haunted Hills. Tomato Town didn't even exist haha.

  32. Yes you can import any image and scale it as much as you need. Getting the proportions/scale right might take a little trial and error but it should be possible

  33. That's awesome. I'm gonna try and mess around with it tomorrow and good to know I can kinda lay down a flat map to follow as a rough outline

  34. Been editing a long time and I have yet to figure this out. So far my best patterns are;

  35. These are all great thank you. I appreciate it. I'll see what I can do. I try and do the same with my Sunday and just maybe use the morning to plan out my week and then by 10am not do anything productive till Monday.

  36. 2 hours of editing, a minimum of 30 mins of doing something else.. e.g. play with my cat, take a shower, talk a little walk, have a meal.

  37. If I could work from home, sure, but New york likes to have you commute 45 minutes into the office every day, and by the time I'm home, I've just been making editing choices for 8-10 hours I can't even think about editing my own stuff

  38. Yall crazy. Yelawolf way more versatile than rittz

  39. Might be the most slept on strange music album released. Devil Hates Sundays is so good front to back. I loved Brain Scatter 1. But his debut DIBKIS album was very disappointing to me and felt lazy in comparison to his previous indie work. This is one of the best strange albums released in the last 10 years

  40. I get excited for this every year. You're doing the Lord's work

  41. Yeah I agree. Ya know I also wonder if they tried expanding their business too fast. And maybe branched out to new types of music too fast may have hurt them because now the money is being spread thin between all the artists.

  42. I think those dudes, Coast Contra would be a fun fit

  43. Agreed. They truly were a powerhouse label for about 6-7 years. 09-16. Just crazy albums and collabos from everyone. I really thought when they signed JL at the end of that run it was gonna continue going up but unfortunately that was the end. And I feel bad for JL too cause I thought he was strange material back in 2012.

  44. Big congrats!! That has to be an awesome feeling

  45. Dammit OP I got the notification from reddit and got so excited. Lol fuck you

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