Chapter 182 [English]

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  1. Yea, true, but the Vigo part got me in the feels

  2. Yeah that part made me so sad... the worst part was that he still believed. He wasn't forced (AFAWK) he was really thinking it was the right approach.

  3. You know someone will whine on launch. XD

  4. It’ll be even better on actual launch day. People will be raging about how the product they purchased is unplayable for the first 5-12 hours.

  5. Yeah. Nobody that actually know how these things work would take the first day off.

  6. I really love how Jelloapocalypse spun it.

  7. That’s literally d4 looking at the skill tree. The customization and diversity is awful

  8. There is some customization, even if only during the leveling.

  9. Probably the same as what she asked him in the webcomic version at the end of their fight "why do you hide your true strength" or something of this line

  10. It can also be something else...

  11. dumb and dumber. and they turned it off? thats like the first scene of the movie. fuck right off.

  12. Your suggestion to improve on blunt simplicity that may be hard for a child to understand ('its dead'), is to make up some lie so the child can cope ('mice go to heaven and the good Lord will judge in favor of this one')?

  13. Honestly, far from the worst approach.

  14. I mean, even if I do not 1-hit kill i easily quickswap to my other weapon knowing they are a oneshot now for even a derringer

  15. It is really satisfying, because IF you hit, you know they have to take cover.

  16. My only worry about their MMO is that I feel it's inevitable that it'll be F2P, have exactly 1 outfit for you to wear, or maybe 1 slight visual change per 10 or so levels, and every other outfit will be tied to a skin shop like their other games.

  17. The Runeterra MMO isn't rumored. It's actively in development

  18. The question is if it will be a new carnifex model or its own thing.

  19. Thanks for the screenshots OP! Based on the trailer, I think we are looking at at least 6 new kits.

  20. I just want a model that gives the Swarmlord the respect it deserves.

  21. R97R says:

    Also they’ve stated on the stream that Tyranid players will be “absolutely spoiled” this year, and it’ll be the biggest update to the faction they’ve ever done.

  22. Considering that we went 16 years without an update, they could literally just update terma and horma and the Hive tyrant (and giving the swarmlord a unique model) and that would be true.

  23. Beautiful costumes and dancing! Amery's displeasure is funny, as is Leiji's reaction to it. Cool to see Kalego at the party, on piano (hope someone else takes over later so he can dance). Cool to see Iruma dancing with a boy too, even though it's too bad he can't just dance with Amery the whole time. I hope they get to dance with the Asmodius fam too. Argh! There are just too many people I wanna see Iruma dance with! Friends and enemies alike! But everyone's wondering too, when is Kirio gonna show up?

  24. Will Saitama get a girlfriend? Maybe.

  25. I am SO curious how this entire thing would work out of Iruma was Irumean. XD

  26. They wanted to avoid people feeling pressured to grind.

  27. Expanded Marriage mechanics. More dialogue for each character. More customization of the farm.

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