This guy voluntarily drained flooded street with his garden rake

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  1. This epitomizes this sub. It is very well done but also made me laugh out loud.

  2. I'll preface it by saying that I didn't know the lyrics to the whole song(and maybe the cop didn't either?) Idk, I didn't find it offensive but that's just me(I'm a black woman though not American). I asked a friend of mine, also black and she was not offended either, she said it was cringy. That doesn't mean that others won't find it offensive just that I didn't. I was expecting a big reveal of him using the n word or doing one of those "you are different to other black people".

  3. I was also expecting a “you’re one of the good ones” comments.

  4. Building your case around the jury understanding a 50-year-old song reference with no prompting? Bold move, Cotton -- let's see if it pays off.

  5. Everyone in my HS who got the presidential scholarship (way back in 2005) had a 3.9+ GPA and a 33+ ACT score. I had a 3.92 and a 35 ACT.

  6. Not well. Fortunately my husband has a very well-paying job so I only have to work a few hours a week for extra spending money and to give myself something to keep me busy/motivated.

  7. I don’t think it’s in Pocatello - further north. I’ve had extended family living in Pocatello for three or four generations and haven’t heard anything about it, and they’re gossipy liberals so they definitely would’ve brought it up.

  8. From what I’ve heard, Boise itself, especially the university, aren’t too bad. Definitely not the most diverse community, but not full of white supremacists.

  9. My guess is delayed sleep phase. It just means your circadian rhythm is pushed back a few hours from normal, so your ideal sleep schedule would be, say, 3 am to 11 am (as an example).

  10. The method of diagnosis, as far as I’m aware, is just to have you do a sleep log of when you naturally fall asleep and wake up to see if it’s consistent but delayed pattern.

  11. You do not have fatal insomnia. There is no need to worry about it.

  12. Lopped bunnies whose ears are too short to flop so they stick straight out like little airplane wings are my favorite thing in the entire world.

  13. I think it depends on the shooter. There is no one reason that links them all.

  14. I think curiosity of that exact question is why most of us are here. That's a really complicated answer that is a bit different for every perp. I think one common link between them all is pretty severe nihilism. This is how the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines it:

  15. I agree - the thing that sparked my interest in mass murderers is wondering how the hell Adam Lanza could be okay with murdering a classroom full of small children. I wanted to know what was going on - and going wrong - in his mind to enable him to do that. It’s completely unfathomable to me.

  16. So… I really don’t want to suck the joy out of this cos it’s a really cool lamp and you did a beautiful job making it functional again…

  17. Spend some time researching housing studies so you can have a 5-minute conversation on it and fool everyone into thinking you did go to Harvard.

  18. People on both sides of the political spectrum have been complaining about the politics of the show. It’s somehow both woke bullshit and right-wing copaganda.

  19. Looks like porch bun ended up in a good situation. I bet he’s happy. And I hope you all call him “Porch Bun.”

  20. His official name is Ravenous Rick Rabbit. But I call him Richard for short.

  21. Sorry what. Fatal insomnia. Cool new fear unlocked.

  22. Good news. It’s incredibly, incredibly rare so I can basically guarantee you don’t have it.

  23. Hasn't everyone done this? We have, several times. Clear street drains.

  24. What if it was 70-30 in favor chance it was you?

  25. Side note, Ted Kaczynski was a white supremacist?

  26. No, but his ideology has been adapted by white supremacists as eco-fascism.

  27. He can call himself whatever he wants. His beliefs define themselves.

  28. We’re sleeping during the day and there isn’t anywhere to meet up when we’re awake at night.

  29. So is your complaint that they made this rule or that you have to read it in every thread?

  30. Imagine how easy it would be to tilt the dude into throwing though.

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